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ea0045oc3.2 | Oral Communications 3- CME | BSPED2016

A rare cause of rickets

Uday Suma , Shaw Nick

Introduction: Nutritional rickets due to vitamin D and dietary calcium deficiency is common in the UK. However, nutritional rickets secondary to hypophosphataemia is rare. We present a rare case of hypophosphataemic rickets secondary to use of hydrolysed infant formula.Case description: A 4 month old infant presented to ED with breathing difficulty. He was diagnosed to have bronchiolitis and admitted for further management.He was b...

ea0085p8 | Bone | BSPED2022

Burden of disease in family members of children presenting with symptomatic vitamin D deficiency: who to test and when?

Uday Suma , Hoegler Wolfgang

Background: The extent of biochemical abnormalities in household members of children presenting with symptomatic vitamin D deficiency remains unknown. Characterising risk groups who warrant 25 hydroxyvitamin D (25OHD) testing will help reduce the rising frequency of unnecessary testing in the UK.Aims: Investigate the prevalence of vitamin D deficiency and biochemical osteomalacia in the mothers and siblings of children presenting with symptomatic vitamin...

ea0039ep26 | Diabetes | BSPED2015

Ethnic variation in the correlation between waist-to-height ratio and total daily insulin requirement in children with type 1 diabetes: a cross-sectional study

Uday Suma , Gorman Shaun , Feltbower Richard , Mathai Mathew

Introduction: Total daily insulin required to achieve glycaemic control in type 1 diabetes (T1D) depends on numerous factors. Correlation of insulin requirement to BMI and waist circumference has been variably reported in the literature, whilst that of WHtR has not been studied.Aims: To study the correlation between daily insulin requirement (TDD) and WHtR in a multi-ethnic population.Methods: A cross-sectional study of children (5...

ea0039ep95 | Other | BSPED2015

Effect of dietetic management on weight in children with Bardet-Biedl syndrome

Uday Suma , Ali Muzzammil , Azam Waseema , Barrett Timothy

Introduction: Bardet-Biedl syndrome (BBS) is a monogenic disease characterized by retinitis pigmentosa (>90%), obesity (72–86%), insulin resistant diabetes, and hypogonadism. Weight management is challenging due to frequent association of learning and visual impairment. At our BBS MDT clinic, dietetic review is provided at each visit. Dietetic input focuses primarily on reduced fat and sugar content in diet and exercise is encouraged. Individualised written dietary pl...

ea0036P34 | (1) | BSPED2014

In-patient care for children with type 1 diabetes across hospitals in the Yorkshire and Humber region in the north of England

Amin Nadia , Uday Suma , Campbell Fiona , Yong James

Introduction: An important part of diabetes management is maintaining high standards of in-patient care. A previous audit in the south of England demonstrated difficulties consistently achieving standards identified as good practice. This audit aimed to identify current standards of in-patient care provided to children with type 1 diabetes across the Yorkshire and Humber region.Methods: The audit was conducted against in-patient care standards identified...

ea0036P44 | (1) | BSPED2014

Transition and beyond in childhood onset type 1 diabetes

Uday Suma , Yong James , Campbell Fiona , Ajjan Ramzi

Introduction: Achieving optimum glycaemic control in young adults is challenging. Furthermore, transfer of care to adult services has been associated with deterioration in glycaemic control. We aimed to establish glycaemic control and rate of microvascular complications in young adults with childhood onset type 1 diabetes (T1D) and looked specifically at a subset of patients before and after transfer to adult care.Methods: A retrospective study of patien...

ea0085oc5.6 | Oral Communications 5 | BSPED2022

Prevalence of overweight and obesity in children with bone fragility and its correlation with disease severity and fracture rate

Anilkumar Anjitha , Crabtree Nicola , Saraff Vrinda , Nadar Ruchi , Uday Suma

Aims: To examine, in children with Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI): the prevalence of overweight and obesity, longitudinal trends in body mass index (BMI) z-scores and total body fat percentage (TBF) assessed on dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA) scans, correlation between BMI and TBF and fractures and BMI z-score.Methods: Retrospective cross-sectional and longitudinal analysis of children with OI, with minimum 5 years data on DXA scans, at a single nat...

ea0066oc5.6 | Oral Communications 5 | BSPED2019

Monitoring and long-term disease activity in children with X-linked hypophosphataemia on conventional therapy

Uday Suma , Shaw Nick , Mughal Zulf , Randell Tabitha , Hogler Wolfgang , Santos Rui , Padidela Raja

Background: Conventional treatment of X-linked hypophosphataemic rickets (XLH) involves administration of oral phosphate and vitamin D analogues. Newer therapies such as Anti Fibroblast Growth Factor 23 antibodies (burosumab) have now become available. An important treatment goal is to heal rickets; assessed by normalisation of serum alkaline phosphatase (ALP) levels and resolution of radiological signs of rickets.Objectives: (1) Assess disease severity ...

ea0039ep78 | Late effects of cancer treatment | BSPED2015

Endocrine sequelae beyond 10 years in survivors of medulloblastoma: comparison of three major treatment regimens

Uday Suma , Murray Robert , Picton Susan , Chumas Paul , Raju Midhu , Chandwani Manju , Alvi Sabah

Introduction: Improved survival following treatment for paediatric medulloblastomas has resulted in increased incidence of late effects, particularly endocrine sequelae. The complete picture of late effects, however, has been limited by short duration of follow up.Aims 1: To establish the evolution of endocrine sequelae in patients treated for medulloblastomaAim 2: To compare the prevalence of endocrine dysfunction among three majo...

ea0045oc5.4 | Oral Communications 5- Endocrine | BSPED2016

Characteristics of Vitamin D supplementation programs for the prevention of rickets in infants and young children in Europe: Factors influencing compliance

Uday Suma , Kongjonaj Ardita , Tulchinsky Ted , Aguiar Magda , Hogler Wolfgang , ESPE ESPE

Introduction: Nutritional rickets is a growing public health concern in at-risk populations despite existing prevention programs and health policies.Aims: To compare infant and childhood vitamin D supplementation policies and strategies across Europe and explore factors influencing adherence.Methods: Representatives of the ESPE bone and growth plate working group and other experts in the field of infant vitamin D supplementation ac...