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ea0044p34 | Adrenal and Steroids | SFEBES2016

The human fetal adrenal proteome: development, sex, and maternal smoking link in utero smoke-exposure to offspring disease

Filis Panagiotis , Johnston Zoe , Bellingham Michelle , Sofientini Ugo , O' Shaughnessy Peter , Fowler Paul

Introduction: The human fetal adrenal has unique structure/function and produces hormones (DHEA, corticoids, catecholamines) that control fetal development, organ maturation and parturition. Maternal smoking during pregnancy has immediate (pre-term delivery, low birth weight) and long-term effects on the offspring (metabolic syndrome, disrupted adrenal function). We performed shotgun proteomics to characterise human fetal adrenal development and to explore adverse effects of m...