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ea0034p198 | Nursing practise | SFEBES2014

Emergency hydrocortisone kits: assessment of knowledge and skills of patients and family

Shepherd Lisa , Ulnasah Sadaf , Rahim Asad , Shakher Jayadave , Bates Andrew

It is recommended that patients with adrenal insufficiency should be in possession of an emergency hydrocortisone kit and have sufficient knowledge and skills to administer it. Historically, in our unit patient education was dependent on referral from Doctors to endocrine specialist nurses (ESN’s). This study sought to assess if patients owned a kit and if patients and family were competent to administer the injection if required.A ‘snapshot&#1...

ea0034p355 | Steroids | SFEBES2014

Patient education and steroid replacement regimens in adrenal insufficiency

Ameen Zana , Ulnasah Sadaf , Rees Jo , Shepherd Lisa , Bates Andrew , Rahim Asad

Introduction: Adrenal insufficiency (primary/secondary) is a rare and potentially life-threatening condition which can be easily overlooked. Patient awareness and management of problems is critical and central to effective treatment. The NICE Clinical Knowledge Summaries for patients identifies and recommends critical areas that require attention in adrenal insufficiency. In particular, patients should:i) Realize the need for lifelong glucocorticoid repl...