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How novel is Dapagliflozin?

Vachhani Shyamsunder , Das Gautam

Case history: This 55 years old gentleman has past medical history of obesity, type 2 diabetes (since age of 27 yrs.), hypercholesterolemia, hypertension and osteoarthritis. He recently suffered from myocardial infarction discharged 2 days back and presented to emergency department with central chest pain radiating to both arms in the morning. Investigations: ECG reported as normal and venous blood gas showed pH- 7.10, pCo2- 3.84, pO2- 5.54, glucose- 10,...

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A case of sight threatening pituitary macro-adenoma in pregnancy

Krishna Prasad Savi Prabha , Vachhani Shyamsunder , Das Gautam

Introduction: Pituitary adenomas account for 10% of intracranial tumours and are almost always benign. In some individuals, who may have a pre-existing adenoma, the pituitary gland undergoes remarkable hyperplasia especially during pregnancy, due to increase in oestrogen levels leading to increase in the tumour volume causing mass effects. This case report reviews a pregnancy with incidental finding of pituitary macro adenoma causing visual field defect, its management and fur...