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ea0081p64 | Diabetes, Obesity, Metabolism and Nutrition | ECE2022

The bidirectional relationship between testosterone and metabolic disorders: testosterone deficiency as an early marker of cardiovascular risk in young men

Menafra Davide , De Angelis Cristina , Garifalos Francesco , Castoro Michele , Verde Nunzia , Piscopo Mariangela , Galdiero Giacomo , Pivonello Claudia , Simona Auriemma Renata , Chiodini Paolo , Colao Annamaria , Pivonello Rosario

In the last years an increasing incidence of cardiovascular diseases (CVD) has been reported in young adults (18-45 yrs), probably accounted by the significant increase in CV risk (CVR) factors. Observational and interventional studies, mainly focused on middle-aged and elderly men, demonstrated that metabolic CVR (mCVR) factors and CVD manifestations are common in hypogonadal men and, conversely, testosterone deficiency is highly prevalent in metabolic disorders; the lack of ...

ea0081p708 | Reproductive and Developmental Endocrinology | ECE2022

The medical treatment of polycystic ovary syndrome: effects of inositol isomers and metformin on clinical, metabolic and hormonal profile

Verde Nunzia , Pellegrini Bianca , Auriemma Lucia , Baratto Alessia , De Angelis Cristina , Garifalos Francesco , Menafra Davide , Castoro Michele , Simeoli Chiara , Colao Annamaria , Pivonello Rosario , Simona Auriemma Renata

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is characterized by menstrual irregularities and clinical and biochemical hyperandrogenism, and is associated with insulin resistance, visceral obesity and metabolic disorders. The aim of the current study was to compare the effects of inositol isomers (INO) and metformin (MET) on the clinical, metabolic and hormonal aspects of PCOS. In 94 PCOS women, clinical (weight, BMI, waist circumference - WC, menstrual intervals, Ferriman-Gallway score -...

ea0063gp252 | Disturbances of Reproduction | ECE2019

Prolactin and prostate: an observational case-control study in men with prolactinoma under cabergoline treatment

Garifalos Francesco , De Alcubierre Dario , Verde Nunzia , Menafra Davide , Arnesi Mauro , de Angelis Cristina , Colao Annamaria , Auriemma Renata Simona , Pivonello Rosario

Prolactin (PRL) exerts independent hypertrophic effects on prostate in in vivo and in vitro experimental models, and prostatic PRL receptors are known to activate cell proliferation pathways such as MAPK and STAT. Nevertheless, in men with hyperprolactinemia the risk of prostate cancer has been found reduced suggesting a role of concomitant hypogonadism. Chronic cabergoline treatment generally normalizes PRL treatment and improves gonadal function. The curren...

ea0075p04 | Pituitary and neuroendocrinology | EYES2021

Fertility in acromegaly: A single center experience on female patients during active disease and after disease remission

Pirchiom Rosa , Auriemma Renata S. , Verde Nunzia , Garifalos Francesco , Castoro Michele , Galdiero Giacomo , Piscopo Mariangela , Pivonello Claudia , Colao Annamaria , Pivonello Rosario

Fertility represents a major concern in patients with acromegaly and the peculiar PCOS-like condition is commonly found in acromegalic women. The current retrospective study aimed at investigating gonadal function and fertility rate in acromegalic women with disease onset (DO) within the reproductive age. In 50 women hormonal parameters and gynecological ultrasound were evaluated at diagnosis (DD) and after disease control (DC). Data about menstrual disturbances (MD), pregnanc...

ea0081oc9.4 | Oral Communications 9: Environmental Endocrinology | ECE2022

Morphostructural characterization of the testis in a large cohort of men living in highly polluted areas of Campania Region in south Italy: a focus on cadmium exposure

Garifalos Francesco , De Angelis Cristina , Di Nunzio Aldo , Menafra Davide , Castoro Michele , Verde Nunzia , Galdiero Giacomo , Piscopo Mariangela , Pivonello Claudia , Auriemma Renata Simona , Chiodini Paolo , Trifuoggi Marco , Colao Annamaria , Pivonello Rosario

Campania Region has been facing waste management crisis since 1980, characterized by urban, toxic and industrial waste illegal disposal, burying and incineration. Cadmium (Cd) is consistently shown to affect male reproductive function by multiple mechanisms, mostly elucidated in experimental models. The aim of the current single-center, observational, cross-sectional cohort study was to evaluate the prevalence of testis morphostructural alterations in a large cohort of men liv...