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ea0031p126 | Clinical practice/governance and case reports | SFEBES2013

Title: A case of primary hypoadrenalism secondary to amyloidosis

Watkins John , Verran Alice , Aftab Saboor , Randeva Harpal , Barber Tom , Reddy Narendra

Introduction: Endocrinopathy is frequently seen in systemic amyloidosis and commonly involves thyroid and gonads. We report a case of primary adrenal failure secondary to systemic light chain amyloidosis (AL), involving kidney, liver, spleen, gut, nerves and tongue.Case: A 42-year-old Somalian lady presented with 2-year history of lethargy, febrile episodes and 21 kg weight loss. Investigations showed increase in serum lambda light chain 103 mg/l (5.7&#1...

ea0031p77 | Clinical practice/governance and case reports | SFEBES2013

A case of dry beriberi following bariatric surgery

Verran Alice , Watkins John , Reddy Narendra , Barber Tom , Piya Milan , Randeva Harpal , Kumar Sudhesh , Aftab Saboor , Sankar Sailesh

Introduction: Over 9000 bariatric surgeries are conducted annually in the UK and post-operative micronutrient deficiency is common. We report a case of dry beriberi secondary to thiamine deficiency following Roux-en-Y bypass surgery.Case presentationA 45-year-old Caucasian obese lady (155 kg, BMI 57) presented with progressive proximal limb weakness, upper and lower limb paraesthesia, ataxia and athetoid tremors 18 months following...