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ea0035p671 | Growth hormone IGF axis basic | ECE2014

Epigenetic regulation of GH target genes and its relation to in vivo GH signaling in skeletal muscle of adult human males: a pilot study

Pedersen Morten H , Vestergaard Poul F , Switnicki Michal , Jessen Niels , Jorgensen Jens O L

Background: GH secretion and action change with age in adult human subjects, and this play an important role in substrate metabolism in aging subjects. Targeted disruption of the GH receptor in mice extends longevity, and this is associated with decreased expression of apoptosis-related genes including caspase-9 (CASP9) in skeletal muscle.Aim: To study DNA methylation of putative GH target genes in skeletal muscle of adult male subjects in relation to bo...