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ea0042oc9 | (1) | Androgens2016

Chromatin relaxation is a feature of advanced prostate cancer

Urbanucci Alfonso , Barfeld Stefan , Kytola Ville , Vodak Daniel , Sjoblom Liisa , Tolonen Teemu , Minner Sarah , Burdelski Christoph , Kivinummi Kati K. , Kregel Steven , Takhar Mandeep , Alshalalfa Mohammed , Davicioni Elai , Erho Nicholas , Karnes R. Jeffrey , Ross Ashley E. , Schaeffer Edward M. , Vander Griend Donald J. , Knapp Stefan , Tammela Teuvo L.J. , Sauter Guido , Schlomm Thorsten , Nykter Matti , Visakorpi Tapio , Mills Ian G.

Epigenetic reprogramming including altered transcription factor binding and altered patterns of chromatin and DNA modifications are now accepted as the hallmark of aggressive cancers. We show that global changes in chromatin structure and chromatin accessibility in prostate tumour tissue can define castrate-resistant prostate cancer and be used to inform the discovery of gene-level classifiers for therapy. In addition, we show that the androgen receptor overexpression alone, w...

ea0042oc10 | (1) | Androgens2016

Glycosylation is a global target for androgen control in prostate cancer cells

Munkley Jennifer , Livermore Karen E. , Vodak Daniel , James Katherine , Wilson Brian T. , McClurg Urszula L. , Knight Bridget , MCcullagh Paul , Mcgrath John , Crundwell Malcolm , Harries Lorna W. , Leung Hing Y. , Robson Craig N. , Oltean Sebastian , Mills Ian G. , Rajan Prabhakar , Elliott David J.

Changes in glycan composition are common in cancer and can play important roles in all of the recognised hallmarks of cancer (1). We recently identified glycosylation as a global target for androgen control in prostate cancer cells and further defined a set of 8 glycosylation enzymes (GALNT7, ST6GalNAc1, GCNT1, UAP1, PGM3, CSGALNACT1, ST6GAL1 and EDEM3), which are also significantly up-regulated in prostate cancer tissue (4). These 8 enzymes are under direct control of the and...