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ea0031p41 | Clinical biochemistry | SFEBES2013

MSIA-SRM assay for parathyroid hormone and vitamin D binding protein: correlation with clinical immunoassay methods and application to clinical samples

Couchman Lewis , Krastins Bryan , Lopez Mary , Prakash Amol , Sarracino David , Vogelsang Maryann , Peterman Scott , Vadali Gouri , Robinson Sarah , Moniz Caje

Parathyroid hormone is involved in calcium homeostasis through interactions with vitamin D. Because intact and truncated forms of parathyroid hormone (PTH) vary in their biological activity, assays that can accurately quantify the ratio of intact hormone to its fragments are of increasing significance in the diagnosis of endocrine, renal and bone diseases. Vitamin D and its metabolites circulate tightly bound to vitamin D-binding protein (DBP). Because DBP concentrations are a...