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ea0038fp7 | (1) | SFEBES2015

Regulation of adipogenesis by wnt10b signalling in cultured human adipocytes taken from an obese patient with a WNT10B-C256Y mutation

Azharian Sahar , Voyias Philip D , Murphy Alice , de la Escalera Clapp Lucia Martinez , Adaikalakoteswari Antonysunil , Saravanan Ponnusamy , Piya Milan K , McTernan Philip G , Tripathi Gyanendra

Background: Adipogenesis is a key process leading to adipose tissue (AT) expansion. However, managing this event is critical to limit excessive fat accumulation and disease risk. Adipogenesis appears controlled in part, through Wnt10b signalling which reduces adipogenesis via inhibiting CCAAT/enhancer-binding protein alpha (CEBPα) although the molecular mechanism remains unclear.Aims: Abdominal subcutaneous AT (AbdSc AT) was collected from a, non-di...