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ea0029en2.2 | (1) | ICEECE2012

The role of the endocrine nurse in the diagnosis and management of the patient with Cushing’s syndrome

Geilvoet W

CushingÂ’s syndrome is a rare disease and difficult to diagnose. A number of different physical and psychological signs and symptoms can be present. Lots of patients have symptoms many years before diagnosis. Endocrine nurses can play an important role for these patients during diagnosis, medical or surgical treatment and in the postoperative phase.During the diagnostic phase, nurses need to know why patients must undergo certain endocrine function t...

ea0026p7 | Adrenal cortex | ECE2011

Self-management in patients with adrenal insufficiency

van Eck J P , Gobbens R J , Beukers J , Geilvoet W , van der Lely A J , Neggers S J C M M

Objective: The objective of this study was to asses the quality of self-management in patients with primary and secondary adrenal insufficiency and to find patient-related factors that influence quality of self-management.Methods: The quantitative research was assessed by a questionnaire. Mainly focused topics were i) demographic data ii) daily medication intake iii) en route precautions and iv) dose adaptation during medical emergencies. One hundred and...