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ea0088020 | Abstracts | BES2022

A rare etiology of primary amenorrhea in a 16-year-old girl

E Nauwynck , W Staels , J De Schepper

Introduction: Premature ovarian insufficiency (POI) is a rare cause of primary amenorrhea (1,2). We report a 16-year-old girl with normal secondary sexual characteristics, but no menses due to an autoimmune POI and associated with autoimmune gastritis. This is the first report of such constellation in an adolescent – both conditions separately already being rare in the pediatric population.Case presentation: A 16-year-old girl was referred to our de...

ea0071005 | Purification of pancreatic endocrine subsets reveals increased iron metabolism in beta-cells | BES2020

Purification of pancreatic endocrine subsets reveals increased iron metabolism in beta-cells

C Berthault , W Staels , R Scharfmann

Objectives: The main endocrine cell types in pancreatic islets are alpha-, beta-, and delta-cells. Although these cell types have distinct roles in the regulation of glucose homeostasis, inadequate purification methods preclude the study of cell-type-specific effects. We aimed to develop a reliable approach that enables simultaneous sorting of live alpha-, beta-, and delta-cells from mouse islets for downstream analyses.Methods: We developed an antibody-...

ea0097026 | Section | BES2023

Solving the puzzle of MEN2B syndrome in an adolescent girl

E Nauwynck , J Vanbesien , I Gies , C Ernst , S Raeymaeckers , G Verfaillie , W Waelput , F Vaeyens , J De Greve , J De Schepper , W Staels

Introduction: MEN2B is a rare genetic tumor syndrome that causes medullary thyroid cancer at a young age and may lead to pheochromocytoma later in life. Early diagnosis is crucial for thyroidectomy before metastasis. This case report aims to increase awareness of MEN2B signs and symptoms and the need for early referral and treatment.Case: A 10-year-old girl was referred for ultrasound imaging of a swollen submandibular g...