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ea0011s77 | Green over-the-counter endocrinology | ECE2006

Aftermath of WHI: the risks or benefits of red clover and soy extracts in postmenopausal OTC HRT

Wuttke W

Soy and red clover extracts contain high concentrations of isoflavones, particularly of genistein, which bind to both estrogen receptors α and ß (ERα and ERß). Lifelong nutrition rich in soy proteins or soy protein isolates appear to exert positive effects on certain health aspects including the development of mammary cancer but the beneficial effects become questionable when soy/isoflavone-rich nutrition starts in later adult life. Stimulatory effects on m...

ea0011p429 | Endocrine disruptors | ECE2006

The UV filter benzophenone 2 inactivates human recombinant thyroperoxidase in vitro and disturbs thyroid hormone homeostasis in rats

Schmutzler C , Bacinski A , Ambrugger P , Klammer H , Wuttke W , Grüters A , Jarry H , Köhrle J

UV filters are produced in high amounts for multiple uses. Their main application is in sun lotions for skin protection against accelerated ageing or cancer, but they are also found in many other cosmetics or in plastic materials to prevent their radiation-induced damage. Regardless of these protective properties, UV filters seem to interfere with both the reproductive and the thyroid endocrine axis. We here screened for effects of the UV filter benzophenone 2 (BP2) on thyroid...