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Role of peri-operative psychiatric assessment and intervention in managing the obese patient presenting for bariatric surgery: A complex case of post-bariatric surgery addiction transfer

Mohamed Isra Ahmed , Waller Kathryn , McGowan Barbara

Objective: A case study that demonstrates the importance of thorough psychiatric assessment, intervention and follow-up in morbidly obese patients presenting for Bariatric surgery and risk of addiction transfer.Background: Positive correlation between psychiatric disorders and obesity is documented. Cases of addiction transfer have been reported complicating outcome post Bariatric Surgery.Case description: A 29 year old Caucasian f...

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Night-blindness and neurological sequelae post bariatric surgery

Iftikhar Mawara , Waller Kathryn , Crane James , McGowan Barbara

Background: Bariatric surgery is considered the most effective tool to manage the growing pandemic of obesity related health disorders. Lack of regular surveillance following bariatric procedures can put patients at risk of developing serious micro-nutritional deficiencies and related complications.Case report: A 51-year-old lady presented to the bariatric services in 2015 with long standing neurological symptoms including memory and cognitive impairment...