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ea0014oc11.2 | Reproductive endocrinology II | ECE2007

Leukemia inhibitory factor promotes the chemomigration of immature GnRH neurons

Dozio Elena , Ruscica Massimiliano , Cariboni Anna , Watanobe Hajime , Motta Marcella , Maggi Roberto , Magni Paolo

Leukemia inhibitory factor (LIF), a pleiotropic cytokine of the interleukine-6 superfamily, is involved in several functions including the control of reproduction at the embrionic-endometrial interface and the regulation of energy homeostasis. LIF activates a cell-surface receptor complex (LIF-Rs) composed of one ligand-specific low affinity LIF receptor ╬▓ (LIFR╬▓) subunit and the gp130 subunit. Since little is known about the involvement of LIF in the modulation of t...