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ea0007p290 | Clinical case reports | BES2004

Spontaneously resolving hypopituitarism followed by primary adrenal lymphoma-related phenomena?

Abdalla T , Adams C , Wenham S , Williams G , Wayte A , Wilton A

A 67 year old man with 1 month history of malaise was referred when his thyroid profile suggested secondary hypothyroidism with a fT4 of 4.9 picomoles per litre, fT3 3.4 picomoles per litre and TSH 0.03 milli units per litre. Physical signs were unremarkable. Investigations:- cortisol (random) 294 nanomols per litre, prolactin 960 micro units per millilitre, testosterone < 0.04 nanomols per litre, FSH 5.2 units per litre, LH 0.07 units per litre and IGF-1 17.7 nanomols per ...

ea0006p10 | Clinical case reports | SFE2003

Transphenoidal basal encephalocoele presenting with panhypopituitarism

Abdalla T , Wenham S , Adams C , Wayte A , Wilton A

Encephalocoeles are congenital defects in the skull through which meninges and brain tissues herniate. Basal encephalocoeles represent 1.5% of all encephalocoeles and are found in 1:35,000 live births. Transphenoidal basal encephaloceles are very rare, representing only 5% of all basal encephaloceles. The pituitary and surrounding structures are drawn into the encephalocele with visual and hormonal disturbances being recorded in the few cases described.A...