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ea0049gp117 | Endocrine Nursing | ECE2017

The Swedish Pituitary Register Nursing Group (SPRNG) Projects and Experiences

Forsgren Maria , Alkebro Caroline , Lindgren Margareta , Wik Helena , Warn Maria , Dahlgren Christina

Background: The Swedish Pituitary Register (SPR) is a national quality register founded in 1991 by the Swedish Pituitary Group and it provides important data in the continuous quality assessment and improvement work within the Swedish health care system.The Swedish Pituitary Register Nursing Group (SPRNG) was formed by nurses at the University Hospitals, working with the register, in 2011.Purpose: To increase the coverage rate and ...

ea0081p429 | Pituitary and Neuroendocrinology | ECE2022

Time from first symptoms to diagnosis in patients with pituitary adenomas

Follin Cecilia , Dahlgren Christina , Alkebro Caroline , Burman Pia , Dahlqvist Per , Hoybye Charlotte , Lindgren Margareta , Ragnarsson Oskar , Wik Helena , Warn Maria , Akerman Anna-Karin , Eden Engstrom Britt , Ekman Bertil , Forsgren Maria

Background: Subtle symptoms such as fatigue, weight gain and depression are commonly present for years in patients with pituitary adenoma (PA) before the diagnosis is made. A delayed diagnosis with risk of increased morbidity and mortality may be due to differences between patient-reported symptoms and symptoms reported in the patient’s medical record.Aim: To estimate diagnostic delay and investigate the concordance between patient-reported symptoms...

ea0041gp167 | Pituitary - Clinical (1) | ECE2016

Sleep apnea in patients with acromegaly – prevalence, diagnosis and risk factors

Vouzouneraki Konstantina , Franklin Karl , Forsgren Maria , Warn Maria , Tiberg Jenny , Wik Helena , Dahlgren Christina , Alkebro Caroline , Nilsson Ann-Sofie , AEkerman Anna-Karin , Burman Pia , Hoybye Charlotte , Ragnarsson Oskar , Wahlberg Jeanette , Engstrom Britt Eden , Dahlqvist Per

Introduction: Patients with acromegaly have an increased mortality, mainly due to cardiovascular and respiratory diseases. Sleep apnea is related to hypertension, stroke and cardiovascular diseases and is reported to occur in 11–30% of acromegaly patients, according to retrospective studies based on diagnostic ICD-codes. However, in smaller prospective studies sleep apnea is found in about 70% of patients with active acromegaly and 40% after biochemical control. This diff...