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ea0074ncc65 | Highlighted Cases | SFENCC2021

Multi-disciplinary management of the diabetic foot: putting patient choice at the forefront of clinical decision making

Wynn Nyunt Sandhi , Kiritkumar Amin Amit , Parsapour Shadeh , Bertok Szabolcs , Todd Gaytree , May Kong Wing

Case History: A 54 year old man with type 2 diabetes mellitus was referred in 2014 to our multi-disciplinary foot care service for the management of ulcers. One year previously he had undergone a left hallux amputation due to underlying osteomyelitis. Over the period 2015 through 2021, he required multiple admissions for management of limb threatening foot sepsis with exposed necrotic mid and hind foot bone. In 2016 he suffered a cerebrovascular infarct and in 2019 an episode ...

ea00100oc1 | Oral Communications | SFEEU2024

Making scents of hemi-anosmia in a woman presenting with secondary amenorrhoea

Tsoutsouki Jovanna , Comninos Alexander N , Phylactou Maria , Young Megan , Mills Edouard , Maria Newman Anastasia , Wynn Nyunt Sandhi , Koysombat Kanyada , Yeung Arthur , Patel Bijal , Howard Sasha , S Dhillo Waljit , Abbara Ali

Case history: A 25-year-old woman presented with secondary amenorrhoea present since aged 18yrs. She had spontaneous albeit late menarche aged 16yrs and five menstrual periods over the subsequent two-years, before complete menstrual cessation. She denied other medical history, psychological stress, excessive exercise, or regular medications. Notably, she reported normal sense of smell via her right nostril, but anosmia via her left nostril. Family history included a diagnosis ...