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ea0029p1096 | Neuroendocrinology | ICEECE2012

Discovery of a novel peptide, neuroendocrine regulatory peptide-2 regulating feeding behavior and glucose metabolism

Matsuo T. , Toshinai K. , Yamaguchi H. , Sakai K. , Minamino N. , Nakazato M.

Discovery of novel peptides leads to the elucidation of unknown regulatory systems in the body and to the clinical development of diagnosis and therapeutics for diseases. We have used peptidomics approach to profile a complete set of secretory peptides from cultured human endocrine cells and identified two novel carboxy-terminally amidated peptides, 25-amino acid neuroendocrine regulatory peptide (NERP)-1 and 38-amino acid NERP-2, derived from a neurosecretory protein VGF (JBC...

ea0029p1688 | Thyroid (non-cancer) | ICEECE2012

Hashimoto’s (chronic) thyroiditis in perimenopausal women

Katai M. , Kondo N. , Yokota J. , Kazuka N. , Todoroki K. , Kawamata M. , Yamaguchi K. , Otsuka K.

Background: One in 10–30 women in general population has Hashimoto’s (chronic) thyroiditis. Development of thyroid dysfunction depends on age. The ratio of woman around 50 with TSH elevation is 10% in general population. Menopause occurs at this age for most women. Many symptoms of hypothyroid state are similar to symptoms of menopause except hot flashes and night sweats. We analyzed the relationship of Hashimoto’s disease and menopausal symptoms.<p class="a...

ea0026p309 | Obesity | ECE2011

Benzofran derivatives inhibit 11β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 1 in rodent adipose tissue

Kobayashi Y , Daisuke K , Yamaguchi Y , Ueda M , Miyata O , Tagawa N

Excess glucocorticoids (GC) promote visceral obesity, hyperlipidemia and insulin resistance. The main regulators of intracellular GC levels are 11β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 1 (11β-HSD1), which converts inactive GC into bioactive forms such as cortisol in humans and corticosterone in rodents. Therefore, the inhibition of 11β-HSD1 has considerable therapeutic potential for metabolic diseases including obesity and diabetes. Benzofran is a key structure in ...

ea0029p36 | Adrenal cortex | ICEECE2012

Super-selective ACTH-stimulated adrenal venous sampling can discriminate the main lesion from the normal tissue for doing partial adrenalectomy in unilateral aldosterone-producing adenoma

Omura M. , Makita K. , Matsui S. , Inoue J. , Nagata M. , Yamaguchi K. , Kakuta Y. , Matsuzawa Y. , Saito J. , Nishikawa T.

Introduction: Primary aldosteronism (PA) is one of the common diseases, and aldosterone-producing adenoma (APA) is a surgically curable type, which is usually treated by unilateral total adrenalectomy. We had recently developed a new method of supper-selective ACTH-stimulated adrenal venous sampling (SS-ACTH-AVS) for exactly detecting the main lesion(s) of hyperaldosteronemia. Then we attempted to partially remove the unilateral lesion of hyperaldosteronism detected by SS-ACTH...