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ea0029p1688 | Thyroid (non-cancer) | ICEECE2012

Hashimoto’s (chronic) thyroiditis in perimenopausal women

Katai M. , Kondo N. , Yokota J. , Kazuka N. , Todoroki K. , Kawamata M. , Yamaguchi K. , Otsuka K.

Background: One in 10–30 women in general population has Hashimoto’s (chronic) thyroiditis. Development of thyroid dysfunction depends on age. The ratio of woman around 50 with TSH elevation is 10% in general population. Menopause occurs at this age for most women. Many symptoms of hypothyroid state are similar to symptoms of menopause except hot flashes and night sweats. We analyzed the relationship of Hashimoto’s disease and menopausal symptoms.<p class="a...