Searchable abstracts of presentations at key conferences in endocrinology

ea0081p747 | Thyroid | ECE2022

Outcomes of incidental thyroid nodules identified during imaging for primary hyperparathyroidism: a retrospective observational clinical study

Yousuf Quratulain , Wilson Paul , Varadhan Laks

Introduction: Pre-operative localization of parathyroid adenoma is generally done by two localization studies: ultrasonography (US) and parathyroid scintigraphy using 99 m-techentium sestamibi SPECT with CT (Tc-MIBI SPECT/CT), which also report on Incidental thyroid nodules. The aim of our retrospective study was to determine the incidence, characteristics and outcomes of these incidental thyroid findings during parathyroid imaging.Method: A database of ...

ea0069p70 | Poster Presentations | SFENCC2020

Insulinoma diagnosed in a patient with learning disability with presentation of seizure being treated as epilepsy for two years

Yousuf Quratulain , Mian Fahd , Khan Amjad Ali

Case history: 49 year old female with learning disabilities who was being treated as epilepsy for 2 years and attended the GP surgery for routine bloods. Patient had a seizure like activity and fell onto both knees. X ray which showed a distal femur fracture which was undisplaced and was extra-articular and patellar fracture. Patient was found to be hypoglycaemic on the ward and she was treated with 10% dextrose infusions. She underwent Left knee exploration and repair of medi...

ea0075a01 | Adrenal gland | EYES2021

ACTH independent cushing’s syndrome secondary to a right adrenal adenoma masked by pregnancy

Yousuf Quratulain , Krishnasamy Senthilkumar , Singh Sarishka

Cushing’s syndrome can occur as a consequence of prolonged exposure to excessive amounts of circulating free cortisol and the various causes can be broken down into exogenous causes, such as from steroid treatment for chronic illnesses, or endogenous as in this case. Cushing’s syndrome can be further classified into ACTH-dependent and ACTH-independent1, for which the latter accounts for 15–20% of all cases. This report highlights the case of a 35 year old female...

ea0077lb33 | Late Breaking | SFEBES2021

Complex management of unilateral post-Covid-19 adrenal haemorrhage during pregnancy

Yousuf Quratulain , Elhassan Yasir S , Arlt Wiebke , Jehanzeb Qazi , Krishnasamy Senthil-Kumar , Ronchi Cristina L

Background: Management of large indeterminate adrenal masses detected during pregnancy is challenging due to the risk of malignancy and the obstetric risks of surgical intervention. The spectrum of endocrine-related complications of Covid-19 is expanding. We present a case that highlights the challenging management of a large adrenal mass during pregnancy and draws attention to a rare complication of Covid-19.Case description: 26 yr-old lady presented wi...

ea0077p53 | Metabolism, Obesity and Diabetes | SFEBES2021

DKA registry: Creating a single data collection system for DKA in the West Midlands has helped identify best practices across hospitals

Cooper Catherine , Birchenough Amy , Rengarajan Lakshmi , Abdall-Razak Ali , Owen Megan , Yousuf Quratulain , Khan Sungeen , Pierrepont Zachary , De Parijat , Krishnasamy Senthilkumar , Narendran Parth , Kempegowda Punith

Background: There are several good practices to improve DKA management across hospitals. However, the lack of a unified system limits comparisons and learning from each other.Objectives: To establish a DKA registry to identify best practices across centres in the West Midlands.Methods: All people admitted with DKA at four hospitals in the West Midlands (named A, B, C, D for anonymity) from 1st January 2020 to 31st December 2020 wer...

ea0075d25 | Diabetes | EYES2021

Establishing a common DKA registry in the United Kingdom: Initial results

Cooper Catherine , Birchenough Amy , Rengarajan Lakshmi , Abdall-Razak Ali , Owen Megan , Yousuf Quratulain , Khan Sungeen , Pierrepont Zachary , Krishnasamy Senthilkumar , De Parijat , Narendran Parth , Kempegowda Punith

Background: Diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) is the most common acute endocrine complication needing hospital admission. Morbidity and mortality resulting from DKA are largely preventable if we can identify and act on gaps in management in relation to current guidelines.Objectives: To establish a common DKA registry to identify gaps in management and share best practices across centres.Methods: All people admitted with DKA at four hospi...