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ea0029mte7 | (1) | ICEECE2012

Pregnancy and pituitary disorders

Karaca Z.

The pituitary gland is altered by both anatomical and physiological changes during pregnancy. The most striking finding is the physiological enlargement of the pituitary gland as a result of lactotroph hyperplasia. Hormonal evaluation of pregnant women requires special consideration due to the emergence of the placenta as a new source of hormone production, changes in binding globulin levels and resistance to hormones such as glucocorticoids.Pituitary ad...

ea0029p1411 | Pituitary Clinical | ICEECE2012

Hyperprolactinemic patients are prone to increased protein oxidation: a risk for low grade inflammation?

Cakir I , Baskol G , Elbuken G , Karaca Z , Mert M , Simsek Y , Bayram F

Objective: Hyperprolactinemia is reported to be associated with impaired glucose metabolism, and low-grade inflammation. There is some data regarding increased oxidative stress- particularly protein oxidation in the conditions like metabolic syndrome or diabetes, but not in hyperprolactinemic subjects in the literature. We aimed to investigate advanced oxidation protein product (AOPP) levels-an established marker of protein oxidation and antioxidant thiol levels in hyperprolac...

ea0083pno4 | Pituitary and Neuroendocrinology | EYES2022

Cardiovascular parameters and endothelial dysfunction in Cushing’s Syndrome following remission: A prospective study

A Hacioglu , A Sezgin Caglar , S. T. Firat , Z Karaca , N Kalay , S Taheri , A Selcuklu , K Unluhizarci , F Kelestimur

Background: CushingÂ’s syndrome is a well-known risk factor for endothelial dysfunction, cardiovascular morbidity and mortality.Objectives: We aimed to prospectively investigate changes in metabolic and cardiovascular parameters and their correlations with markers of endothelial function in patients with endogenous Cushing syndrome following remission. Methods: Adult patients newly diagnosed with endogenous CushingÂ’s Syndr...