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ea0037ep1097 | Endocrine tumours | ECE2015

The sensitising action of a TIM16 inhibitor towards chemotherapeutic agents in human breast cancer cells depends on TIM16 expression

Gagliano Teresa , Tagliati Federico , Riva Eleonora , Zerbini Denise , Sambugaro Silvia , Gentilin Erica , Falletta Simona , Benfini Katiuscia , Pasquale Carmelina Di , Trapella Claudio , Salvadori Severo , Uberti Ettore degli , Zatelli Maria Chiara

TIM16 a component of the translocase complex TIM23 of the mitochondrial inner membrane is encoded by the Magmas gene. Magmas was found to be over-expressed in human pituitary adenomas. Silencing Magmas in ACTH secreting rat pituitary adenoma cells enhances sensitivity to pro-apoptotic stimuli. Moreover, Magmas overexpression protects GH secreting rat pituitary adenoma cell lines towards apoptosis. Recently, we found that compound 5, a TIM16 inhibitor, is not cytotoxic but enha...