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ea0049ep31 | Adrenal cortex (to include Cushing's) | ECE2017

The role of CYP11B2 polymorphism in the pathogenesis of hypertension in patients with adrenal incidentaloma

Zukowski Lukasz , Wawrusiewicz-Kurylonek Natalia , Mysliwiec Janusz , Gorska Maria

Background: Significant prevalence of hypertension in the world’s population and its consequences tend to an intensive search for pathogenesis and etiology of this disease. Epidemic of hypertension is accompanied by an epidemic of adrenal incidentaloma and grows in direct proportion to patients age. Polymorphism of aldosterone synthase (CYP11B2) in -344th region of promoter seems to have much in common with hypertension and adrenal incidentaloma.Aim...

ea0041ep37 | Adrenal cortex (to include Cushing's) | ECE2016

CYP11B2 polymorphism affects the aldosterone – renin ratio?

Zukowski Lukasz , Mysliwiec Janusz , Wawrusiewicz-Kurylonek Natalia , Gorska Maria

Introduction: Nowadays is believed that primary aldosteronism (PA) is the most frequent cause of secondary hypertension and reaches 10% of whole hypertensive population. The activity of the mineralocorticoid hormone may be change by polymorphism of aldosterone synthase gene (CYP11B2) e.g. in promoter -344T/C region. Aim of this study was to find differences in baseline plasma aldosterone concentration (PAC), plasma renin activity (PRA), aldosterone – renin ratio (ARR) and...