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ea0014p143 | (1) | ECE2007

Somatostatin analogues and the PI3K-AKT-MTOR-P70S6K pathway: how do they control the proliferation of neuroendocrine tumours?

Franchi Giulia , Grozinsky-Glasberg Simona , de Oliveira Antonio Ribeiro , Salahuddin Nabila , Korbonits Márta , Grossman Ashley B.

Background: Somatostatin analogues are very useful in the treatment of symptomatic neuroendocrine tumours, but effects on proliferation remain unclear. Overexpression of the proto-oncogene protein kinase Akt has been demonstrated in certain endocrine tumours, and activates downstream proteins including mTOR and p70S6K, which play a significant role in cell growth and proliferation. We have therefore explored the site of action of somatostatin in causing inhibition of prolifera...