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ea0014s17.1 | Somatostatin receptors in health and disease | ECE2007

Pro and contra of SRIF analogue therapy in pituitary tumors

van der Lely AJ

Long-acting somatostatin analogues normalize serum IGF-I levels in about 65% of acromegalic patients. Somatostatin analogs reduce GH secretion but also induce GH resistance of the liver because of low portal insulin levels; i.e. patients have a relative high GH level and a GH resistance of the liver which results in a relative low IGF-I action because of high IGFBP1 levels, but the other tissues still have normal GH sensitivity. One might predict that long-term follow-up of tr...

ea0037oc11.4 | Obesity | ECE2015

Unacylated ghrelin and its analogue AZP-531 suppress ghrelin induced fat accumulation and feeding behaviours in high-fat diet fed male rats

Scholte Jan , Scheurink Anton , Abribat Thierry , Julien Michel , Themmen Axel , van der Lely AJ , Delhanty Patric

The peptides acylated and unacylated ghrelin (AG and UAG) are produced predominantly in the stomach. AG is the only known circulating orexigenic hormone with obesogenic and insulin-desensitising properties. Recent evidence suggests that UAG can inhibit these activities of AG. To investigate potential inhibitory effects of UAG and AZP-531, a UAG analogue, on AG-induced appetite and obesity we used an established rat model of diet induced obesity. Animals were fed a high-fat die...