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ea0011p494 | Endocrine tumours and neoplasia | ECE2006

Daily profiles of aldosterone secretion in primary aldosteronism

Ciric J , Zarkovic M , Beleslin B , Penezic Z , Stojkovic M , Savic S , Trbojevic B

In supine subjects aldosterone daily variations are determined by spontaneous PRA rhythmicity and ACTH secretory bursts. The aim of this study was to analyze diurnal and pulsatile aldosterone secretion in two patients with primary aldosteronism (PA): a 33-year-old woman with aldosterone producing adenoma (APA) and a 40-year-old woman with idiopathic adrenal hyperplasia (IAH). Blood samples were taken hourly during 24 hours at the time of the diagnosis and three months later, a...

ea0011p500 | Endocrine tumours and neoplasia | ECE2006

Development of dopamine agonist resistance and progression from microadenoma to macroadenoma in two women with hyperprolactinaemia

McCall D , Hunter SJ , Cooke RS , Herron B , Sheridan B , Atkinson AB

Dopamine agonist therapy is an effective long-term treatment in >90% of patients with hyperprolactinaemia, controlling both prolactin secretion and tumour growth. We describe the unusual late emergence of resistance to high-dose dopamine agonist treatment in two recent female patients. Both women presented with secondary amenorrhoea, were shown to have high prolactin levels and a pituitary microadenoma. Each had an excellent initial response to bromocriptine but years late...

ea0011p567 | Growth and development | ECE2006

Lipid peroxidation, activity of caspase 3 and apoptosis activation in low birth weight children

Barg E , Gasiorowski K , Wikiera B , Skoczynska A , Turczyn B , Glab E

Children born with low birth weight (LBW, below 2500 g) exhibit slower development with deficit of height and, in adulthood, an increased risk of developing syndrome X. One possible explanation could be an enhanced elimination of cells by apoptosis. The aim of this study was evaluate of mechanism of lipid peroxidation and activity of caspase 3 in children with low birth weight.Subjects for study were 10 children with LBW and growth retardation (SDSHV&#60...

ea0011p592 | Neuroendocrinology and behaviour | ECE2006

Appetite regulating hormones in constitutionally lean and anorexia nervosa subjects

Galusca B , Germain N , le Roux CW , Frere D , Ghatei MA , Bloom SR , Estour B

Energy balance is controlled by the arcuate nucleus through integration of peripheral hormonal signals such as leptin, ghrelin, peptide YY (PYY) and glucagon like peptide 1 (GLP-1). The commonest reason for young women in the developed world to be underweight is restrictive anorexia nervosa (AN). Constitutionally thinness (CT) has been described in young women who satisfies the WHO definition for moderate to severe underweight (BMI 13–16.9 kg/m2). CT women have...

ea0011p623 | Neuroendocrinology and behaviour | ECE2006

Influence of affective changes on cortisol response to ACTH

Zarkovic M , Ciric J , Beleslin B , Penezic Z , Stojkovic M , Savic S , Trbojevic B

In this study we wanted to assess whether affective changes influence cortisol response during low dose (1 microgram) ACTH test. Beck Inventory of Depression and Hamilton Anxiety Rating Scale and low dose ACTH test were performed in five subjects during the prolonged psychological stress induced by war and 18 months later. After the war, Beck Inventory of Depression and Hamilton Anxiety Rating Scale scores were significantly reduced. Suppression of the HPA axis was present dur...

ea0011p661 | Reproduction | ECE2006

Hormone replacement therapy in postmenopausis fails to normalize gonadotropins – does it matter?

Zmire J , Cvitkovic P , Jukic P , Colak B , Lucinger D , Sokolic L , Rocic B , Kljajic K

Level of pituitary trophic hormone dictates dose of hormone replacement (HRT) in endocrine gland hypofunction. We examined 28 women receiving HRT in postmenopausis aged 46–63 yrs (54±4.27 yrs). In average patients started HRT two years after last spontaneous menstrual bleeding (28±3.76 months, 1–132 months). 8 patients used transdermal estradiol, 10 peroral combination of estradiol, estriol and norethisterone and 10 patients were treated by fixed peroral co...

ea0057006 | TAOK3 as a regulator of glucose tolerance in obesity | BES2018

TAOK3 as a regulator of glucose tolerance in obesity

Maes B , Fayazpour F , Catrysse L , Lornet G , Lapauw B , Lambrecht BN , Janssens S

Aims or Objectives: We here describe a role for the kinase thousand and one kinase (TAOK) 3 as a modulator of insulin resistance. TAOK3 is one of three members of the TAOK family of kinases, which are classified within the Ste20-like kinases as mitogen activated protein kinase 4 kinases. TAOK3 was identified in a RNAi library screening in C. elegans as a target molecule that could revert an insulin resistance-like state induced by a daf-2 mutation (Devgen, Ghent). Mor...

ea0009oc21 | Oral Communication 3: Neuroendocrinology | BES2005

Adenosine expression and function in the anterior pituitary gland

Francis K , Pexa A , Lewis B , McNicol A , Jasani B , Deussen A , Scanlon M , Rees D , Ham J

The nucleoside adenosine is an important regulator of interleukin-6 secretion from the folliculostellate (FS) cells of the anterior pituitary gland but the source of adenosine in this scenario is unknown. Therefore the aim of this study was to investigate secretion of adenosine and the expression of adenosine forming and metabolising enzymes in the pituitary gland.Ecto-5/-nucleotidase (CD73), adenosine kinase and adenosine deaminase (AD) were ...

ea0009p50 | Growth and development | BES2005

Nebivolol inhibits spontaneous and oxytocin-induced contractions in the rat uterus

Kavak B , Simsek M , Kutlu S , Ozcan M , Kumru S , Yilmaz B , Kelestimur H

Nebivolol is a recently developed beta(1)-selective adrenergic receptor antagonist with proposed nitric oxide mediated vasodilating properties. Effect of nebivolol on vascular smooth muscle has been attributed to estrogen receptor-mediated vascular responsiveness. Although it is known that nitric oxide has relaxing effect on myometrium, there is no report whether nebivolol application affect myometrial contractility. Therefore, we have investigated the effect of nebivolol on r...

ea0007p128 | Endocrine tumours and neoplasia | BES2004

Regional variations in colonic neoplasia in acromegaly

Ahmad B , Fazal-Sanderson V , Jewell D , Warren B , Turner H , Wass J

Introduction Some published studies suggest acromegalic patients have an increased risk of colonic tumours or pre-malignant dysplastic polyps. We assessed the prevalence of colonic polyps in Oxford acromegalic patients.Methods Patient database identified all 80 acromegalic patients who had had a colonoscopy.Control Patients Our data and published data on two autopsy and eight colonoscopic screening studies in asymptomatic non-acrom...