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ea0073aep58 | Adrenal and Cardiovascular Endocrinology | ECE2021

Diabetes and adrenal incidentaloma

Jemaa Marwa , Khessairi Nadia , Abidi Sahar , Chaker Fatma , Grira Wafa , Chihaoui Melika

The term adrenal ’incidentaloma’ is referring to an adrenal mass discovered incidentally during an abdominal imaging exam not motivated by the exploration of an adrenal pathology. The prevalence of diabetes in incidentaloma is high therefore a cortisol secretion should be searched. This is a retrospective study conducted on 100 patients with adrenal incidentaloma. These patients are divided into two groups; the first group is made up of diabetics (G1: n = 31...

ea0073aep71 | Adrenal and Cardiovascular Endocrinology | ECE2021

The insulin tolerance test (ITT) in the assessment of the adrenal axis

Abidi Sahar , Grira Wafa , Khessairi Nadia , Oueslati Ibtissem , Yazidi Meriem , Chaker Fatma , Chihaoui Melika

IntroductionThe insulin tolerance test (ITT) is the gold standard for the assessment of the integrity of the hyopothalamo-pituitray adrenal axis. it’s major drawbacks are the mandatory presence of an experienced physician and continuous supervision to detect any complication. Our study aims to evaluate the indications and the outcomes of the ITT performed in our department.Patients and methodsWe conducte...

ea0073aep123 | Calcium and Bone | ECE2021

Prevalence, characteristics, and associated factors of Fahr’s syndrome in permanent hypoparathyroidism

Cherchir Faten , Oueslati Ibtissem , Yazidi Meriem , Boukriba Seif , Chaker Fatma , Mizouni Habiba , Chihaoui Melika

IntroductionFahr’s syndrome (FS) is a rare neurodegenerative disorder. It’s characterized by abnormal calcifications in basal ganglia and cerebral cortex inducing neuropsychiatric disorders and cognitive impairment. The aim of our study was to assess the prevalence of FS, its characteristics, and its associated factors in patients with permanent hypoparathyroidism.MethodsWe conducted a cross-section...

ea0073aep558 | Pituitary and Neuroendocrinology | ECE2021

Hypopituitarism secondary to a pituitary metastasis as a first manifestation of an invasive nasopharyngeal carcinoma

Hiba-Allah Chatti , Oueslati Ibtissem , Azaiez Aymen , Yazidi Meriem , Chaker Fatma , Besbes Gazi , Chihaoui Melika

IntroductionNasopharyngeal carcinoma is characterized by distinct geographical distribution and is particularly prevalent in East and Southeast Asia. Environmental factors, genetic structure, and Epstein Barr virus infection are involved in the etiology of the disease. While nasal and otological symptoms are the most common (80%), intracranial extension is prevalent among 8% of cases and pituitary localization is rarely described in the literature. We re...

ea0073aep715 | Thyroid | ECE2021

Voluminous primary mediastinal multinodular goiter as a rare cause of hyperthyroidism.

Kardi Asma , Oueslati Ibtissem , Chaker Fatma , Znaidi Nadia , Sadok Boudaya Mohamed , Yazidi Meriem , Chihaoui Melika

IntroductionPrimary mediastinal goiter is an extremely uncommon entity. The majority of primary mediastinal goiters were reported as incidental findings on chest imaging of asymptomatic patients. Symptoms related to compression of adjacent structures and hyperthyroidism were rarely described. Herein we report a case of subclinical hyperthyroidism secondary to a primary mediastinal goiter.ObservationA 50 year-...

ea0073aep727 | Thyroid | ECE2021

The impact of treatment adherence on the control of the thyroid function in Hashimoto’s thyroiditis patients

Besrour Chayma , Yazidi Meriem , Oueslati Ibtissem , Khessairi Nadia , Grira Wafa , Chaker Fatma , Chihaoui Melika

Hashimoto’s thyroiditis (HT) is a chronic disease that needs a daily substitution by thyroid hormones. The purpose of this study was to assess the level of therapeutic adherence to the hormonal treatment in HT patients and its impact on the thyroid function control.MethodsIt is a cross sectional study including 43 patients treated for hypothyroid Hashimoto’s thyroiditis by levothyroxine (LT4). The patient adherence to tre...

ea0073aep761 | Thyroid | ECE2021

Management and outcome of Graves orbitopathy

Hiba-Allah Chatti , Oueslati Ibtissem , Laamouri Rihab , Yazidi Meriem , Chaker Fatma , Chihaoui Melika

IntroductionGraves orbitopathy is the main extra thyroidal manifestation of Graves’ disease, though severe forms are rare (< 5%). Management of Graves orbitopathy is often suboptimal, largely because available treatments do not target pathogenic mechanisms of the disease. The aim of our study was to evaluate different treatment modalities and assess their impact on the outcome of Graves orbitopathy.Patients and methods...

ea0073ep157 | Pituitary and Neuroendocrinology | ECE2021

Psychological effects of cabergoline in a patient with a giant prolactinoma.

Hiba-Allah Chatti , Oueslati Ibtissem , Chaker Fatma , Yazidi Meriem , Chihaoui Melika

IntroductionPsychological disorders may be expected in patients with hyperprolactinemia. Indeed, they generally have poor quality of life, anxiety, depression and certain personality troubles. Dopamine agonists are the first-line treatment of prolactinoma. Recently, an increasing number of reports emphasized on dopamine agonists psychological side effects. Effectively, some patients develop de novo psychiatric symptoms or have exacerbation of pre-existin...

ea0073ep180 | Reproductive and Developmental Endocrinology | ECE2021

The clinical, biological and etiological aspects of hirsutism

Ben Jemaa Marwa , Khessairi Nadia , Abidi Sahar , Chaker Fatma , Grira Wafa , Chihaoui Melika

ObjectiveTo determine the clinical, biological and etiological aspects of hirsutism.MaterialA retrospective study from 2009 to 2017 included 51 patients explored and followed for hirsutism in the endocrinology department of the Rabta hospital.ResultsThe mean age of hirsute patients was 29 years, their average age of menarche was 12 years old. Hirsutism appeared be...

ea0073ep216 | Thyroid | ECE2021

A case of Hashimoto’s thyroiditis following Graves’disease

Oueslati Ibtissem , Kardi Asma , Yazidi Meriem , Terzi Amani , Chaker Fatma , Chihaoui Melika

IntroductionGraves’ disease is typically characterized by the presence of circulating autoantibodies that stimulate the TSH receptor, inducing hyperthyroidism and goiter. Hashimoto’s thyroiditis is an autoimmune disease leading to thyroid tissue destruction by cell and antibody-mediated immune processes. The development of Hashimoto’s thyroiditis following Graves’ disease is rarely reported. Its pathogenesis is not confirmed. Herein, ...