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ea0033oc1.8 | Oral Communications 1 | BSPED2013

The repressor activity of the Wnt/β-catenin effector Tcf3/TCF7L1 is required for normal hypothalamic–pituitary development

Gaston-Massuet Carles , McCabe Marc , Dattani Mehul , Martinez-Barbera Juan Pedro

Aberrant development of the pituitary gland can result in the clinical manifestation of hypopituitarism. The Wnt/β-catenin pathway has been shown to be involved in normal organogenesis, terminal differentiation and the aetiology of pituitary tumours. However, the specific developmental roles during hypothalamic–pituitary development of some of the Wnt/β-catenin effectors, such as Tcf3, have been hampered due to the early lethality of null embryos for th...

ea0033oc2.7 | Oral Communications 2 | BSPED2013

Novel lethal form of hypopituitarism associated with the first recessive LHX4 mutation

Gregory Louise C , Rhodes Simon J , Levy Miles J , Greening James , Humayun Khadija , Dattani Mehul T

Background: LHX4 encodes a member of the LIM-homeodomain transcription factor protein family that is required for development of the pituitary gland. To date, only incompletely penetrant heterozygous mutations in LHX4 have been described in patients with variable combined pituitary hormone deficiencies (CPHD).Objective/hypothesis: To investigate a cohort of patients with congenital hypopituitarism for mutations in LHX4.<p c...

ea0033p6 | (1) | BSPED2013

Severe 21-hydroxylase deficiency congenital adrenal hyperplasia and congenital hypothyroidism due to thyroglobulin mutations in a single family: two distinct genetic disorders with phenotypic variability within a single family

Ponmani Caroline , Schoenmakers Nadia , Rumsby Gill , Nicholas Adeline K , Chatterjee Krishna , Dattani Mehul

Background: 21-Hydroxylase deficiency due to mutations in CYP21A2 represents the commonest form of congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH). Dyshormonogenetic congenital hypothyroidism (CH) may be due to TPO, TG, DUOX2, DUOXA2, IYD, SLC5A5 and SLC26A4 mutations.Case report: Two of six children born to unrelated parents presented in the neonatal period with salt-losing CAH due to compound heterozygosity in CYP21A2 (maternal...

ea0033p8 | (1) | BSPED2013

Reliability of diagnostic tests for paediatric Cushing's syndrome

Guemes Maria , Murray Phil , Brain Caroline , Peters Catherine , Spoudeas Helen , Hindmarsh Peter , Dattani Mehul

Introduction: Cushing’s syndrome is a rare and life-threatening paediatric disease, the diagnosis of which can be challenging given its heterogeneous clinical presentation and the investigation results which are frequently inconclusive.Aim: To assess the reliability of the tests used for screening and for establishing the aetiology of Cushing’s syndrome.Design: We conducted a retrospective study analyzing cases of Cushing...

ea0033p38 | (1) | BSPED2013

Three Families with Diabetes Mellitus and Sensorineural Deafness

Sherif Maha Mohamed , Hadeed Ibtisam , Arya Ved Bhushan , Dattani Mehul , Hussain Khalid

Background: Diabetes mellitus (DM) is one of the commonest chronic disorders of children, and Type 1 DM is the most frequent form of diabetes in children. Rarely DM is associated with other systemic features. DM and sensorineural deafness (SD) are features of rare syndromes like Wolfram syndrome, Rogers syndrome and Mitochondrial DM. Wolfram syndrome (also known as DIDMOAD syndrome) is caused by los of function mutations in the WFS1 gene and the clinical features incl...

ea0030p3 | (1) | BSPED2012

The accuracy of diagnosing adrenal insufficiency in children undergoing glucagon stimulation test (GST)

Subbarayan Anbezhil , Spoudeas Helen , Peters Catherine , Dattani Mehul , Hindmarsh Peter , Brain Caroline , Amin Rakesh

Background: Glucagon (GST) is used as an alternative to insulin (ITT) to diagnose GH deficiency (GHD) and adrenal insufficiency (ACTHd). However the peak cortisol response to diagnose adrenal insufficiency varies (550, and 500 nmol/l), has been extrapolated from adults undergoing intraoperative stress and not fully validated.Aim: To determine the peak cortisol ‘cut off’ level which most accurately predicts clinically significant adrenal insuffi...

ea0030p38 | (1) | BSPED2012

Cushing's syndrome due to POMC secretion from an abdominal yolk sac tumour in a 2 year old child

Gevers Evelien , Shah Pratik , Meredith Suzanne , Torpiano John , Slater Olga , White Anne , Dattani Mehul

Cushing’s syndrome due to ectopic ACTH production is extremely rare in childhood. Ectopic ACTH secretion is most often due to tumours in the chest, but rare cases of carcinoid tumours, neuroblastoma, phaeochromocytoma and pancreatic and ovarian carcinoma have been reported. We describe a 2 year old girl with ectopic Cushing’s syndrome due to a malignant epithelial abdominal tumour producing POMC. She presented with rapid weight gain, hypertension, body odour, letharg...

ea0027oc1.2 | Oral Communications 1 | BSPED2011

Isolation and characterisation of tumorigenic progenitors/stem cells with a stabilizing mutation in β-catenin, in a mouse model of human adamantinomatous craniopharyngioma

Andoniadou Cynthia L , Gaston-Masuet Carles , LeTissier Paul , Dattani Mehul T , Martinez-Barbera Juan Pedro

Somatic stem cells of multiple tissues such as brain, blood, gut epithelium and epidermis, have specific roles in tissue homeostasis and plasticity of cell types. There is evidence that when mutated, such cells, termed cancer stem cells (CSCs) also underlie tumorigenesis, but their presence in many tumours is elusive. In the pituitary gland, somatic stem cells (PSCs) have been previously identified and characterised but little is known about their role in tumorigenesis. Adaman...

ea0027oc1.5 | Oral Communications 1 | BSPED2011

Deconvolution analysis of 24 h serum cortisol profiles informs the amount and distribution of hydrocortsione replacement therapy

Hindmarsh Peter , Hill Nathan , Dattani Mehul , Peters Catherine , Charmandari Evangelia , Matthews David

Introduction: Glucocorticoid replacement therapy uses twice or thrice daily regimens of hydrocortisone (HC) with variable distribution of the dose over the day. Deconvolution analysis determines the mass of hormone that needs to be secreted to attain a particular serum concentration. We have used this methodology to determine the amount and distribution of cortisol over a 24 h period.Methods: Seventy-nine adults (41M) aged 60–74 years and 30 childre...

ea0027p15 | (1) | BSPED2011

LIN28 in human ovary development and as a candidate gene for primary ovarian insufficiency

El-Khairi Ranna , Parnaik Rahul , Lin Lin , Dattani Mehul , Conway Gerard , Achermann John

Background: The Lin28 family of proteins are emerging as important regulators of microRNAs in endocrine systems. Lin28a influences primordial germ cell development in mice, and overexpression of Lin28a in transgenic mice has recently been shown to influence body size, timing of puberty and litter size. The related protein LIN28B is associated with age at menarche and stature in several independent genome-wide association studies in humans.A...