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ea0081ep271 | Diabetes, Obesity, Metabolism and Nutrition | ECE2022

Impact of emotional eating in the weight of woman

Viana Victor , Pereira Miguel , Paulo Almeida Jose , Carvalho Davide

Introduction: Obesity is nowadays one of the most important challenges in public health and, therefore, the investigation of their causes is most relevant. Among the various behavioral roots of obesity, the emotional over ingestion determined by emotional factors, i.e. emotional eating (EE), is one of them.Objectives: To study how emotions contribute to obesity in woman.Methods: We gathered a convenience sample 220 woman in the hos...

ea0081p488 | Thyroid | ECE2022

Autoimmune thyroiditis, quality of life and underlying symptomatology

Pereira Miguel , Neves Celestino , Neves Joao Sergio , Goncalves Juliana , Carvalho Davide

Introduction: Hypothyroidism caused by autoimmune thyroiditis (AIT) is a disease that can originate physical, psychological and behavioral symptoms. Quality of life (QoL) and psychopathologial symptoms in thyroid diseases and its relation with thyroid function remains unclear. In hypothyroidism there is a discussion about the normal range of TSH and Free T4 values and in which way its fluctuation influences the patient in its daily activities.Objective: ...

ea0081ep1007 | Thyroid | ECE2022

Quality of life and symptomatology in patients with hypothyroidism post-graves’ disease

Pereira Miguel , Neves Celestino , Goncalves Juliana , Neves Joao Se rgio , Carvalho Davide

Introduction: Quality of life (QoL) and its related physical and psychological symptomatology is an important factor when we treat Graves’ disease.Objective: To analyze the QoL and physical and psychological symptomatology of patients with hypothyroidism after definitive treatment of Graves’ disease.Methods: We evaluated 16 patients with hypothyroidism that previously had Graves’ disease. These patients were submitte...

ea0090p505 | Thyroid | ECE2023

Thyroid hormones resistance, lipid profile and insulin resistance in autoimmune thyroiditis

Neves Celestino , Sergio Neves Joao , Goncalves Juliana , Pereira Miguel , Carvalho Davide

Introduction: Anomalies of glucose metabolism and insulin resistance are common in patients with hypothyroidism. Some studies suggests that euthyroid autoimmune thyroiditis (AIT) may also be associated with changes of glucose metabolism and insulin resistance. The role of thyroid hormones resistance in this context is still uncertain.Aim: To evaluate the relationship between thyroid hormones resistance, insulin resistance and lipid profile in euthyroid p...

ea0049ep613 | Diabetes therapy | ECE2017

The insulin delivery system and its impact on quality of life and on psychopathological symptomatology

Pereira Miguel , Neves Celestino , Esteves Cesar , Oliveira Sofia , Arteiro Cristina , Coelho Rui , Carvalho Davide

Introduction: In chronic diseases a good psychological and behavioral adaptation is essential. Concerning diabetes the Insulin Delivery System (IDS) adopted tend to be an important factor of adaptation, global satisfaction and, above all, quality of life (QoL).Objectives: To analyze the QoL and IDS satisfaction and its relationship with psychopathological symptomatology in patients on continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion (CSII) therapy.<p class="...

ea0020p413 | Diabetes and Cardiovascular | ECE2009

Quality of life in diabetes mellitus: conditional issues of treatment and coping strategies

Pereira Miguel , Neves Celestino , Pereira Joao , Carqueja Eduardo , Alves Marta , Carvalho Davide , Coelho Rui , Medina Jose

Introduction: Quality of life (QoL) is a subject of increasing interest in the health context. Applied to a chronic condition like diabetes, this issue could give an overall perspective of the health outcome.Objective: To evaluate the coping mechanisms, the treatment issues and its contribution to QoL of diabetes patients.Patients and methods: We gathered a sample of 94 diabetic subjects, 50% males, 55.3% type 1, with a mean age of...

ea0056p402 | Diabetes (to include epidemiology, pathophysiology) | ECE2018

Major adverse cardiovascular events and in-hospital outcomes in patients with diabetes

Neves Celestino , Sergio Neves Joao , Oliveira Sofia Castro , Pereira Miguel , Oliveira Ana , Carvalho Davide

Background: Diabetes is an important risk factor for major adverse cardiovascular events (MACE). Although the increased risk for MACE is well known, the impact on the in-hospital outcomes remains incompletely understood. Our aim was to evaluate the interrelation between diabetes and MACE in a central hospital in the North of Portugal between 2009 and 2015.Methods: We evaluated retrospectively the hospitalizations due to MACE including stroke or transient...

ea0032p1065 | Thyroid (non-cancer) | ECE2013

Subclinical autoimmune thyroid disease and cardiovascular risk factors

Neves Celestino , Esteves Cesar , Pereira Miguel , Palmares Carmo , Sokhatsha Oksana , Dias Camila , Delgado Luis , Carvalho Davide , Luis Medina Jose

Objective: To examine whether Graves’ disease (GD) and autoimmune thyroiditis (AIT) are associated with insulin resistance and other cardiovascular risk factors.Subjects and methods: We recorded thyroid function tests, BMI, insulin resistance markers comprising the homeostasis model assessment for insulin resistance (HOMA-IR and HOMA-B), the quantitative insulin sensitivity check index (QUICKI), hepatic insulin sensitivity index (HISI), whole-body i...

ea0032p1066 | Thyroid (non-cancer) | ECE2013

Subclinical hypothyroidism, autoimmune thyroiditis, and cardiovascular risk factors

Pereira Teresa , Neves Celestino , Esteves Cesar , Camila Dias Claudia , Pereira Miguel , Sokhatska Oksana , Delgado Luis , Carvalho Davide , Luis Medina Jose

Aim: To evaluate the relationship between autoimmune thyroiditis (AIT), subclinical hypothyroidism (SCH) and cardiovascular risk factors.Patients and methods: We recorded thyroid function tests, BMI, insulin resistance markers comprising the homeostasis model assessment for insulin resistance (HOMA-IR and HOMA-B), the quantitative insulin sensitivity check index (QUICKI), hepatic insulin sensitivity index (HISI), whole-body insulin sensitivity index (WBI...

ea0056p510 | Diabetes therapy | ECE2018

Psychopathological determinants of enhanced quality of life in continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion therapy

Pereira Miguel , Goncalves Ana , Neves Celestino , Oliveira Sofia , Esteves Cesar , Arteiro Cristina , Costa Anabela , Redondo Carmo , Carvalho Davide

Introduction: Scientific progress allowed an evolution on the therapeutic of diabetes mellitus. Continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion therapy (CSII) is one good example, but, beside patients motivation little is known about other psychological factors of success in this therapeutic and how they contribute to quality of life (QoL).Objectives: Determining some psychopathological predictors of CSII satisfaction and QoL improvement in patients on CSII the...