Searchable abstracts of presentations at key conferences in endocrinology

ea0019p379 | Thyroid | SFEBES2009

Evaluation of thyroid ultrasound requests and fine needle aspiration in Northwest London Trust Hospital

Ratnasabapathy R , Bakshi J , De Silva A , Baburaj R

Background: Thyroid cancer commonly presents as a new palpable thyroid nodule or increase in size of a pre-existing nodule. A multidisciplinary thyroid lump clinic was established in September 2008 enabling patients to have one-stop clinical, biochemical, radiological and cytological assessment for evaluation of thyroid nodules. This audit predates this period, aiming to provide background information for future audit.Aim: To evaluate the requests for th...

ea0017p55 | (1) | BSPED2008

Physical fitness of seven-year old children

Turvey A , Marlow R , Adams G , Smith R , Agwu JC

In recent times, there has been concern about the rising prevalence of obesity in children. Physical fitness, defined as a set of attributes possessed by individuals which relates to the ability to perform physical activity, is a key pathway to healthy living. As part of a larger programme called ‘Triple S’, (designed to underpin a schools health related project) we undertook field-based physical testing of 1733 (7 yr olds) (902 M & 831 F) from 49 primary schools...

ea0012oc17 | Pituitary, ovary and steroids | SFE2006

Prolactinomas: all in the family?

Razvi S , Ashwell S , Korbonits M , Quinton R Quinton R

ObjectiveTo report and discuss a kindred with pathological hyperprolactinaemia.Case 1 (Proband)A 39-year old man presented in June 2003 with 3-years of erectile dysfunction (ED) and was found to have hyperprolactinaemic hypogonadotrophic hypogonadism: LH 1.0 & FSH 1.5 U/L, Testosterone 5.8 nmol/L, PRL 4154 mU/L. Pituitary function was otherwise normal. MRI demonstrated an intrasellar macroadenoma. Cabergo...

ea0011p876 | Thyroid | ECE2006

Comparison of TPOAb assays in early pregnancy

Henley R , Parkes AB , Taylor L , John R , Lazarus JH

The presence of thyroid peroxidase antibodies (TPOAb) is a marker of autoimmune thyroid disease and, when present in early pregnancy, is predictive of postpartum thyroiditis. In the course of undertaking the Controlled Antenatal Thyroid Screening Study we have taken the opportunity to measure TPOAb in a large number of samples from 11–16 weeks gestation by 3 different assays.The assays were (1) an in-house ELISA; (2) Bayer ADVIA Centaur anti-TPO ass...

ea0010oc11 | Thyroid and pituitary | SFE2005

Mortality and vascular outcomes in the thyroid population: an observational study comparing relative levels of mortality and morbidity using the record linkage of patient level datasets

Flynn R , MacDonald T , Morris A , Jung|G##Leese R

Objective: To describe the mortality and vascular morbidity in patients after treatment for hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism.Method: We constructed an electronic database using record linkage of a community thyroid follow-up register, radioiodine database, regional biochemistry, regional prescribing database, hospital admissions and regional death certification. This was made possible by a unique patient identifier used locally for all healthcare episo...

ea0010p65 | Reproduction | SFE2005

PCOS responsive to metformin therapy despite very low BMI

Thomas R , Woods D , Michael E , Quinton R

Clinical CaseA 19-year old ethnic Pakistani presented with severe, longstanding hirsutes without virilisation. Menarche had occurred at age 14, following which she had experienced 4-6 periods a year. She had always been “underweight” by UK/WHO criteria and, given a BMI of 16.5 kg.m−2, there were concerns about hypothalamic oligomenorrhoea.InvestigationsFasting glucose 5.5 mmol/L &#...

ea0009p13 | Diabetes and metabolism | BES2005

A comparative analysis of clinical outcomes in a multidisciplinary weight management clinic

D'Costa R , Guthrie G , Martinez-Riquelm A , Kennedy R

AimsTo compare baseline demographical and anthropometrical characteristics of patients referred to the multi-disciplinary weight management clinic at University Hospital Nottingham during 2003 with patients referred in 2001, co- morbidities, treatments used and achievement of the desired outcome of realization of 5 or 10 percent weight loss sustained over a 6-month period of follow-up.Results and DiscussionWe...

ea0007p76 | Endocrine tumours and neoplasia | BES2004

Galectin-3 staining of benign and malignant thyroid lesions - is it a useful diagnostic tool?

Davies R , Barakat M , Meeran K , Dina R

Background:Galectin-3, a beta-galactosidase binding lectin, has been reported to be preferentially expressed in thyroid malignancies by many authors. Moreover, it has been claimed that galectin-3 is a useful adjunct to fine-needle aspiration (FNA) in the diagnosis of follicular thyroid lesions, a notorious pitfall of this test. Although galectin-3 does seem to be expressed more often in malignant thyroid lesions, especially papillary carcinomas, it is fr...

ea0007p254 | Clinical case reports | BES2004

Puerperal hypoglycaemia in a young woman with type 1 diabetes mellitus

Moisey R , Andrew J , Nagi D , Jenkins R

A 30-year-old woman with long standing type 1 diabetes presented with recurrent severe hypoglycaemia. One month earlier she had given birth to her first child. Before pregnancy her HbA1c had been 7.8 to 9.2 percent (RR 3.1 to 5.0 percent) but improved by the third trimester to 6.8 percent. Before pregnancy her total daily insulin dose was 50 units and by the third trimester it had only increased by 25 percent to 60 units. The pregnancy and birth were uneventful with no hypogly...

ea0007p288 | Clinical case reports | BES2004

Testosterone-replacement stimulated hyperprolactinaemia

Sodi R , Fikri R , Diver M , Ranganath L , Vora J

TESTOSTERONE-REPLACEMENT STIMULATED HYPERPROLACTINAEMIAR Sodi, R Fikri, M Diver, L Ranganath & J Vora*.Departments of Clinical Chemistry and Endocrinology*Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospital,Liverpool, UK. L7 8XP.Around half of all men with macroprolactinomas have hypogonadism and may require exogenous testosterone replacement. However, testoste...