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ea0034p42 | Clinical biochemistry | SFEBES2014

Urinary 3-methoxytyramine as a biomarker of phaeochromocytoma and paraganglioma tumours

Neophytou Christina , Darch Sarah , Gill Jasdeep Singh , Hancock Maggie , Meeran Karim , Palazzo Fausto , Tan Tricia

Phaeochromocytomas (PCC) and paragangliomas (PGL) are rare tumours derived from the sympathetic or parasympathetic paraganglia. They characteristically secrete catecholamines (noradrenaline/adrenaline/dopamine), which are metabolised to the metanephrines (normetadrenaline/metadrenaline/3-MT respectively). These tumour markers can be detected in acidified 24-h urine collections as first-line investigative tests. Plasma 3-MT has been characterised as a biomarker of metastatic PG...

ea0025p88 | Clinical biochemistry | SFEBES2011

‘Old Red-Eyes Is Back’: a case of calcium–alkali syndrome

Ali Sarah , Abara Ali , Tan Tricia , Chaudhri Owais , Hatfield Emma , Meeran Karim , Wynne Katie

A 31-year gentleman presented with a four day history of anxiety and confusion. Over several months, he had noticed red eyes and a ‘stomach-ache’. A collateral history revealed a previous episode of confusion and concern about excessive alcohol intake. He denied any current medication. On examination, he had bilateral conjunctivitis. Investigations demonstrated severe hypercalcaemia of 3.54 mmol/l (NR 2.15–2.6 mmol/l). He was treated with intravenous fluids and ...

ea0021p120 | Clinical practice/governance and case reports | SFEBES2009

The role of adrenal vein sampling (AVS) in the diagnosis and management of primary hyperaldosteronism: an audit of 10 years experience at a tertiary referral centre

Hopkins Tom , Salem Victoria , El-Gayar Heba , Tan Tricia , Palazzo Fausto , Meeran Kareem

Hyperaldosteronism is a significant cause of secondary hypertension, but there are often delays in obtaining the diagnosis. The recent BES publication of Guidelines for the investigation and management of this condition represent a move to standardise the work-up of these patients.We present an audit of cases, dating back to 2000, with confirmed biochemical hyperaldosteronism (on the basis of plasma aldosterone/renin activity ratio or lack of aldosterone...

ea0021p133 | Diabetes and metabolism | SFEBES2009

Pancreatic polypeptide: a novel substrate for the endopeptidase neprilysin

Baxter Jordan , Minnion James , Shilto-Cuenco Joy , Tan Tricia , Murphy Kevin , Ghatei Mohammad , Bloom Stephen

Pancreatic polypeptide (PP) is a 36 amino acid peptide, secreted from the endocrine pancreas. Previous work has shown that peripheral administration of PP inhibits food intake in rodents and humans. However, PP has a short circulating half-life that limits its use as an anti-obesity agent. Determining the mechanisms involved in the physiological breakdown of PP will allow the rational design of long-acting analogues with greater clinical utility in the treatment of obesity. PP...

ea0018p4 | (1) | MES2008

Management of a phaeochromocytoma in pregnancy

McGowan Barbara , Williamson Catherine , Meeran Karim , Banerjee Anita , Min Lee , Fleming Bill , Bassett Duncan , Tan Tricia

A 30-year-old lady was transferred to our hospital at 37 weeks of pregnancy. Hypertension was noted at 24 weeks of gestation and managed with methyldopa and labetalol. Despite treatment, BP was labile with a systolic of 90–220 and diastolic of 50–129 mmHg. She reported occasional palpitations but not chest pain or shortness of breath. The patient had a history of migrainous headaches but not hypertension prior to pregnancy. Her brother had previously had an operation...

ea0018p16 | (1) | MES2008

Primary hyperparathyroidism and pregnancy

Kirkby-Bott James , Williamson Catherine , Palazzo Fausto , Banerjee Anita , Meeran Karim , Tan Tricia

Primary hyperparathyroidism (HPT) in pregnancy is an uncommon phenomenon, mostly occurring in the 2nd or 3rd trimester. HPT in pregnancy may cause complications affecting both the mother (renal stones, pancreatitis) and fetus (neonatal tetany, seizures, intra-uterine growth retardation and preterm labour). We report two recent cases that highlight the potential risks.Results: The patients, 37 and 35 years old at presentation respectively, both presented ...

ea0086p303 | Adrenal and Cardiovascular | SFEBES2022

Prednisone is 100% converted to Prednisolone by first pass metabolism

Chia Eng Pei , Lazarus Kate , Narula Kavita , Choudhury Sirazum , Tan Tricia , Meeran Karim

Prednisolone is widely prescribed in the UK, whereas prednisone is used instead for the same indications in the United States. Both have utility as anti-inflammatory agents and for use as glucocorticoid replacement therapy at lower doses. Oral prednisone is converted to prednisolone by first pass hepatic metabolism by 11 beta HSD-1. This study was undertaken to compare the bioavailability of prednisone against prednisolone. To determine the conversion of prednisone to predniso...

ea0086p217 | Metabolism, Obesity and Diabetes | SFEBES2022

Ethnic differences in diabetes remission following bariatric surgery

Cardillo Luca , Stephanie Kenkre Julia , Rashid Ahmed Ahmed , Purkayastha Sanjay , Tsironis Christos , Tan Tricia

Background and Aim: Type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) disparately affects ethnic groups. Prevalence is higher in Asian and Black ethnicities, and these patients suffer increased rates of some diabetes-related complications. Bariatric surgery is an effective treatment for T2DM and can lead to complete diabetes remission. The aim of this study was to assess if T2DM remission rates at 1-year following bariatric surgery vary between different ethnicities.Metho...

ea0077op4.4 | Metabolism, Obesity and Diabetes | SFEBES2021

Audit of Clinical Outcomes with Dexamethasone in Patients Hospitalised with COVID-19

Narendranathan Divani , Richards Molly , Cassin-Scott Rebecca , Chia Eng Pei , Distaso Walter , Tan Tricia , Izzy-Engbeaya Chioma , Salem Victoria

Background: Dexamethasone significantly improved outcomes in patients requiring supplementary oxygen and in ventilated patients with COVID-19 in the RECOVERY trial. Consequently, dexamethasone is now routinely used in these patients. However, dysglycaemia is commonly associated with steroid use and is an established risk factor for poorer outcomes in COVID-19. In this study, we aimed to elucidate the effect of dexamethasone use in patients hospitalised with COVID-19 in a real-...

ea0077p58 | Metabolism, Obesity and Diabetes | SFEBES2021

Outcomes of postmenopausal women with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD)

Izzi-Engbeaya Chioma , Forlano Roberta , Mullish Benjamin H , Tan Tricia M , Yee Michael , Manousou Pinelopi , Dhillo Tricia S

Background: Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), encompasses hepatic steatosis alone (NAFL), steatohepatitis (NASH), NAFL/NASH with fibrosis and cirrhosis. Severe fibrosis and cirrhosis are associated with increased risk of morbidity and mortality (due to cardiovascular events, end-stage liver failure and cancer). Postmenopausal women are a high-risk group of patients that have worse outcomes, but the specific factors that place them at higher risk are incompletely under...