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ea0088020 | Abstracts | BES2022

A rare etiology of primary amenorrhea in a 16-year-old girl

E Nauwynck , W Staels , J De Schepper

Introduction: Premature ovarian insufficiency (POI) is a rare cause of primary amenorrhea (1,2). We report a 16-year-old girl with normal secondary sexual characteristics, but no menses due to an autoimmune POI and associated with autoimmune gastritis. This is the first report of such constellation in an adolescent – both conditions separately already being rare in the pediatric population.Case presentation: A 16-year-old girl was referred to our de...

ea0070aep1044 | Hot topics (including COVID-19) | ECE2020

Incidence of large-for-gestational age newborns is still elevated in women with type 1 diabetes in good glycaemic control

de Valk Harold W. , Lisa A Oosterwijk

Introduction: Glycemic control has a major effect on fetal growth in women with type 1 diabetes mellitus (DM1), worse control leading to increased growth (large for gestational age (LGA) or very large for gestational age (VLGA) fetus). Current guidelines promote strict control (HbA1c ≤ 48 mmol/mol) before and during pregnancy. Continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) has been instrumental in achieving this goal. We performed a retrospective chart review of pregnancy outcomes ...

ea0029p105 | Adrenal cortex | ICEECE2012

Adrenal venous sampling: local experience in Asian population

Wan Y. , Chan K. , Kan W.

Primary hyperaldosteronism is a common cause of secondary hypertension. Distinguishing between the two subtypes (unilateral aldosterone-producing adenoma and bilateral idiopathic hyperaldosteronism) is crucial for patient’s management. Adrenal venous sampling is an important method for evaluation of the condition, but selective successful right adrenal venous sampling is often reported to be a difficult procedure. A retrospective review of 51 cases suffering from primary ...

ea0029p218 | Calcium & Vitamin D metabolism | ICEECE2012

Pathophysiological changes in extracellular pH regulate calcium-sensing receptor responsiveness in HEK-293 and isolated parathyroid cells but not as a result of altered histidine residue ionisation

Campion K. , McCormick W. , Ward D.

Parathyroid hormone (PTH) secretion maintains extracellular calcium (Ca2+o) homeostasis under the control of the calcium-sensing receptor (CaR). Supra-physiological pHo changes (±1 pH unit) significantly alter CaR activity in a heterologous expression system. Interestingly, metabolic acidosis and hyperparathyroidism are concomitant in both ageing and chronic kidney disease. Therefore, here we examined whether smaller, pathophysiological pH...

ea0029p912 | Female Reproduction | ICEECE2012

Exposure to soy isoflavones during postnatal life disrupts structural development of reproductive organs in female mice

Kaludjerovic J. , Chen J. , Ward W.

Exposure to soy isoflavones (ISO), abundant in soy protein infant formula, during early postnatal life has benefits to bone health in female mice. Moreover, exposure during the first 10 or 21 days of life has been shown to interfere with structural development of female reproductive organs and results in heavier body weight. The study objective was to compare if shorter exposure to ISO, during the first 5 vs 10 days of life, results in lesser adverse effects on ovarian and ute...

ea0029p1033 | Male Reproduction | ICEECE2012

Complete reversal of isolated idiopathic hypogonadothropic hypogonadism in men

Rabijewski M. , Papierska L. , Zgliczynski W.

Idiopathic hypogonadotropic hypogonadism (IHH) is caused by an isolated defect in GnRH release or action and classified as the Kallmann syndrome with associated anosmia or normosmic IHH in the presence of a normal sense of smell. Patients with IHH have absent or incomplete sexual maturation and infertility. Usually long term GnRH or gonadotropin therapy in these patients can induce spermatogenesis and puberty and is followed by testosterone therapy to maintain normal virilizat...

ea0029p1054 | Male Reproduction | ICEECE2012

The high prevalence of testosterone deficiency in population of Polish men over 65 years with erectile dysfunction

Rabijewski M. , Papierska L. , Zgliczynski W.

About 8–10% of erectile dysfunction (ED) is caused by hormonal causes, but in men over 65 years testosterone deficiency due to aging seems to play important role. In population of Polish men with relative poor health status, the prevalence of testosterone deficiency in elderly men with ED is probably higher. We evaluated the prevalence of low and low-normal testosterone levels in men with ED in population of Polish men over 65 years.Material and met...

ea0029p1418 | Pituitary Clinical | ICEECE2012

The impact of long-acting somatostatin analogs treatment on glucose tolerance and insulin resistance in acromegaly.

Stelmachowska-Banas M , Zdunowski P , Zgliczynski W

Introduction: Impaired glucose tolerance and insulin resistance are frequently associated with acromegaly. The aim of this study was to assess the impact of long-acting somatostatin analog treatment on glucose homeostasis in acromegalic patients.Patients and methods: In this prospective study 16 naïve acromegalic patients (eight females, eight males; aged 51.5±10.9 years) were studied before and after 3-month therapy with long-acting somatostat...

ea0029p1562 | Thyroid (non-cancer) | ICEECE2012

Hypothyroidism is associated with increased intestinally derived lipoprotein particles and postprandial endothelial dysfunction

McGowan A. , Widdowson W. , Boran G. , Gibney J.

Atheroma is accelerated in overt hypothyroidism (OH) and possibly in subclinical-hypothyroidism (SCH), and is not completely explained by increased LDL-cholesterol. There is little data available regarding post-prandial metabolic changes in OH or SCH.Subjects with OH (n=21), SCH (n=28) and age, sex and BMI matched controls (n=50) were studied fasting and for up to 8-h following a mixed-meal. Investigations included apolipoprotein(apo...

ea0024p20 | (1) | BSPED2010

Retrospective analysis of patients with paediatric diagnosis of isolated growth hormone deficiency in a single centre from 1970–2000

Novikova E , Paterson W , Donaldson M

Introduction: Confirmation of permanent isolated growth hormone deficiency (IGHD) during childhood with subsequent adult transfer is important since such patients may benefit from adult GH replacement.Methods: A chance encounter with a former patient experiencing symptoms of adult GHD but untreated prompted us to review the final diagnosis and follow-up status of our GH-treated patients with IGHD between 1970 and 2000. Case records were examined for init...