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Plasma kisspeptin is a novel tumour marker in patients with gestational trophoblastic neoplasia
WS Dhillo; P Savage; KG Murphy; OB Chaudhri; M Patterson; VM Foggo; GS Dancey; H Mitchell; MJ Seckl; MA Gahtei; SR Bloom
Published: 2006-12-04

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Kisspeptin-54 stimulates the hypothalamic-pituitary gonadal axis in human males
WS Dhillo; OB Chaudhri; M Patterson; EL Thompson; KG Murphy; MK Badman; BM McGowan; V Amber; S Patel; MA Ghatei; SR Bloom
Published: 2006-12-04

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Kisspeptin potently increases reproductive hormone release in women with hypothalamic amenorrhoea: a potential novel therapy for infertility
CN Jayasena; OB Chaudhri; GK Nijher; KG Murphy; A Ranger; A Lim; D Patel; A Mehta; C Todd; R Ramachandran; V Salem; GW Stamp; M
Published: 2009-03-01

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