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Leucocytes and Endothelial cells Are Activated in Patients with Active Proliferative diabetic Retinopathy ( PDR )

TV Kochemasova 1 , MV Shestakova 1 , ER Polosukchina 2 , TV Osipova 2 , AY Baryshnikov 2 & II Dedov 1

1Russian Research Centre for Endocrinology, Moscow,Russia; 2N N Blokchin Memorial Cancer Research Centre, Moscow, Russia.

Objective : to estimate the activative and adhesive ability of leucocytes and endothelial cells in active PDR ( with neovascularisation ).Materials and methods : 17 young patients, age mediana 26,4 years, with Diabetes Type 1 and active PDR were compared with 17 healthy controls. ICAM-1 (CD 54) on the surface of lymphocytes and granulocytes was measured by flow cytometry ' Becton Dickinson '.Serum soluble E - selectin ( CD 62 ) was identified by ELISA ( 'R and D', UK ).Mean Diabetes duration 18,4 years.Mean HbA1c was 8,3 %.( All tests were performed after the approval of the local Ethical Commette ). Results: we observe the elevation of the blood CD 54 positive leucocytes and high level of serum CD 62 in diabetics with PDR versus controls. Thus, the level of CD 54 positive lymphocytes was 25,1 % versus 12,4 % , of granulocytes 52,5 % versus 8,3 % in controls. We found CD 62 as 5,3 nanograms per deci litre versus 2,8 in controls. As ICAM - 1 and E-selectin are considered to be the indicators of activative and adhesive ability and show proangiogenic purposes ( in vitro ) we confirm the active PDR to be the stage which is characterised by hyperactivated leucocytes and endothelial cells.

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