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8th European Congress of Endocrinology incorporating the British Endocrine Societies


The endocrinology of psychiatric disease

ea0011s15 | The endocrinology of psychiatric disease | ECE2006

Glucocorticoids, enzymes and memory impairments with ageing

Seckl JR

Chronic elevation of plasma glucocorticoids adversely affects cognitive processes and the structural and functional integrity of the hippocampus. Crucially, inter-individual differences in memory with ageing directly associate with blood glucocorticoid levels in rodents and humans; indeed higher plasma corticosterone in mid-life in rodents predict subsequent memory impairments. However, although keeping glucocorticoid levels low by adrenalectomy in adult life prevents the emer...

ea0011s16 | The endocrinology of psychiatric disease | ECE2006

Effects of hypothyroidism on brain metabolism and its associations with neuropsychiatric impairments

Bauer M , Schlagenhauf F , London E , Miller K , Whybrow PC , Rasgon N , van Herle K , van Herle AJ , Phelps ME , Silverman DHS

Background: Hypothyroidism may profoundly alter mental function and influence mood and cognition, but the neural correlates of these impairments and of thyroid hormone treatment are not well understood.Methods: We prospectively studied 24 subjects, 14 previously untreated newly diagnosed hypothyroid patients (age 42±12 yrs; 11 female, 3 men) and 10 euthyroid control subjects (41±12 yrs). All patients underwent comprehensive neuropsychiatric ass...

ea0011s17 | The endocrinology of psychiatric disease | ECE2006

Overview of neuroendocrine side-effects

Tandon R

The neuroendocrine aspects of schizophrenia generally receive little attention. This is in marked contrast to depressive disorders, where neuroendocrine issues are central to discussions of pathophysiology and treatment. Although the nature of neuroendocrine dysfunction is less well characterized in schizophrenia than major depression, a number of neuroendocrine abnormalities have been described. Hypercortisolemia has been extensively documented in patients with schizophrenia,...