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The patients with HIV lipodystrophy syndrome have lower total fat mass but similar free fat mass

P Freitas 1 , D Carvalho 1 , F Correia 1 , T Faria 2 , B Perez 2 , R Marques 3 , R Serrão 3 , J Pereira 2 , A Mota Miranda 3 & JL Medina 1

1Endocrinology Department, Hospital S. João, Porto, Portugal; 2Nuclear Medicine, Hospital S. João, Porto, Portugal; 3Infectious Disease Department, Hospital S. João, Porto, Portugal; 4University of Porto Medical School, Porto, Portugal.

Introduction: The highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) completely changed the natural history and body composition of the infected patients. The lipodystrophy syndrome of HIV-infected patients (IP) is characterized by fat mass redistribution in the limbs, face lipoatrophy and abdominal lipohypertrophy. Dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry scan (DEXA) and bioelectrical impedance (BIA) are techniques to determine body composition (BC).

Aims: Evaluate the BC in HIV-IP treated with HAART with (CL) and without clinical lipodystrophy (WCL).

Patients and methods: We studied 117 HIV-IP, 25 women and 92 men, by anthropometry, BIA (Tanita) and DEXA.

CL (n=82)WCL (n=35)P
Age (years)48.8±10.940.4±10.1<0.001
Duration of disease (years)8.6±4.16.5±3.3<0.05
Duration of treatment HAART (years)7.7±4.04.8±3.2<0.005
BMI (Kg/m2)24.4±3.825.9±4.9<0.05
Waist circumference (WC) (cm)90.2±10.292.6±13.2ns
Hip circumference (HC) (cm)91.9±7.199.0±8.4<0.001
Thigh circumference (TC) (cm)46.3±4.850.4±5.8<0.001
Total Fat Mass (TFM) (%) (BIA) (n=117)18.8±7.624.3±10.7<0.05
Total Fat Mass (TFM) (%) (DEXA) (n=83)15.2±8.927.2±10.8<0.001
Fat Free Mass (FFM) (Kg) (BIA) (n=117)53.3±7.453.4±8.6ns
Fat Free Mass (FFM) (Kg) (DEXA) (n=83)51.2±7.250.6±9.3ns
Total Body Water (Kg) (BIA) (n=117)39.0±5.439.1±6.3ns
To compare the variables we used Mann-Whitney test.

Results: The patients with CL had similar WC to WCL but lower HC and TC. In patients with CL we observed a % TFM significantly lower (BIA and DEXA) but similar FFM and TBW.

Conclusions: The patients with HIV-Lipodystrophy Syndrome had WC, FFM and TBW similar to the patients WCL. The TFM of the same patients is significantly reduced.

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