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The metabolic syndroma presence in peripheral arterial occlusive disease of diabetic patients

DS Tesic , P Pantelinac , M Mitrovic , R Pejin , J Radosavljevic , D Naglic , D Tomic & I Obrovacki

Clinic for Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolic Diseases, Novi Sad, Zimbabwe.

Background and Aims: The aim of our investigation was to evaluate the relationship between parameters of the metabolic syndroma (MSDR; NCEP/ATPIII Panel) in randomly selected diabetic patients (DM) with peripheral arterial occlusive disease (PAOD).

Materials and Methods: diabetics, male 680 (49.7%), age (mean+SD) 52.6+14.4yrs. (16–84), were propectively examined using doppler examination and neuropathy disability scoring (NDS). PAOD was confirmed in 67 T2DM pts. (4.8%; G1 group) while mediosclerosis in 10 (0.73%; G2 group).

Results: Age difference (t test) was found between G1 and G3 (control) groups (62.5±8.3 yrs. vs. 64.2±5.9 yrs, P<0.05). Age of G2 group was 56.5±13.7 yrs\. VPT was significantly lower in both G1 and G2 groups in relation to G3 (5.1±2.6 vs. 3.2±2.9 vs. 6.7±1.7; P<0.001). Significantly higher ankle reflexes score was present in G1 comparing with G3 group (3.3±1.3 vs. 2.4±1.6; P<0.001). MSDR was present in 51pts. (76.1%; contingency tables, Chi sq., P<0.001) with 3 components in 38.8%, 4 in 23.9% and 5 in 13.4%pts\. In the 16 (23.9%) nonMSDR pts., 8 (11.9%) had cholesterol >6.5 mmol/l, and 7 (10.4%) were smoker. In G1 group high BP was in 48pts. (71.6%; P<0.001), hyperTG in 52pts. (77.7%; P<0.001). Multiple regression analysis with Winsor’s index as dependent variable showed following significant constelations: TG, HDL and W (P0.06); TG, HDL, W and cigarette number (p 0.02); cholesterolemia and cigarette number (P<0.001).

Conclusions: T2DM patients with PAOD have a significant presence of MSDR. The fact that MSRD, hyperCHOL and current smoking covers almost all PAOD cases should increase awareness of a PAOD as the part of cardiovascular health.

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