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Endocrine Abstracts (2006) 11 P421

Prevalence of skin manifestations in diabetics

Hajieh Shahbazian, Reza Yaghoobi & Rana Meamari

Ahvaz University of medical sciences, Ahvaz, Iran.

Background: Diabetes Mellitus is one of the endocrine disorders that invloved many organs in the body. Many of diabetes patients show cutaneous mainifestations. This study is performed to assess the prevelance of different skin manifestations in diabetic patients reffered to Ahvaz Jondishapour University Diabetes Center.

Methods: All diabetic patients (type 1 and type 2) refferd to our diabetes center since 2003 to 2004 enrrold in this study. A questionery include: age, sex, type of diabetes, duration of disease, antidiabetic medication and last HbAIC, was filled out for each patient. Careful physical examination for detection of skin disorders was done in each patient. Hematologic, serologic, culture and biopsy of skin were performed when it were nessesery.

Results: One hundred patients (70 femals & 30 males) enrolled in this study. Mean age was 51 years (age range between 9 to 80 year). Duration of diabetes was between one month to 30 years (mean duration 8 year). 83 patients had type 2 and 17 patients type 1 diabetes mellitus. 92% of patients had at least one skin manifestation. The most common skin manifestations were: skin dryness 60%, hiar loss 56%, proritus 46%, diabetic neuropathy (24%), diabetic dermopathy (22%), acrocordon (22%), fungal infections (22%), bacterial infections (7%), nail changes (13%), accantosis nigricans (6%), xantoma (4%), diabetic bulla (3%), skin thickening (3%) viteligo (7%), robeosis (2%) and necrobiosis lipoidica in 1% of patients. No any casses of anular graneloma and perforating disease and cutaneous advers reactions of oral hypoglycemic agents were seen. Lipoathrophia in site of insulin injection was detected in 2 of 18 patients used insulin. There were no significant correlation between type of diabetes and HbAIC, and skin manifestations.

Conclusion: Skin manifestations had high prevalence in studied group. Skin examination is recommended in fallow up visits of diabetic patients.

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