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Quantitative ultrasound at the hand phalanges in patients with acromegaly

M Bolanowski 1 , W Pluskiewicz 2 & J Daroszewski 1

1Dept. of Endocrinology, Diabetology and Isotope Therapy, Medical University Wroclaw, Wroclaw, Poland; 2Metabolic Bone Diseases Unit, Dept. of Internal Diseases, Diabetology and Nephrology, Silesian School of Medicine, Katowice, Zabrze, Poland.

Acromegaly is associated with various skeletal deformities and in some cases with bone deterioration. The aim of the study was to assess the skeletal status using quantitative ultrasound (QUS) in patients suffering from acromegaly. A group of 38 patients with acromegaly (27 women and 11 men) in mean age of 57.21±9.85 y in various gonadal status was compared with a control group matched for sex, age and body mass. QUS measurements at hand phalanges were performed with DBM Sonic 1200 (IGEA, Italy). Amplitude-dependent Speed of Sound (Ad-SoS) at hand phalanges had lower values in patients with acromegaly than in controls, as well in the entire group, as in males and females. The positive correlation between Ad-SoS and height, and a negative one between Ad-SoS and age was found in the entire group of patients with acromegaly. No correlations between Ad-SoS and time from diagnosis or duration of the symptoms were found. No influence of gonadal status and activity of the disease was proven. Our data demonstrated that quality of skeletal status in patients with acromegaly was affected. This could reflect the worsening of the mechanical properties of bones, and the increased risk of fractures in other sites of the skeleton. The changes observed were not related to acromegaly-associated hypogonadism.

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