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Endocrine Abstracts (2006) 12 P60

Rare presentation of neuroendocrine tumour

N Mohammed & AK Banerjee

Russelss Hall Hospital, Dudley, United Kingdom.

Primary Carcinoid tumour of Epididymis is a very rare presentation. It accounts to only 0.23% of Carcinoid tumours. Here we present a patient with Primary Carcinoid tumour of Epididymis, which was successfully resected.

A 57 year old gentleman with no significant past medical history was seen with painless swelling of his Right testes. He had no symptoms such as weight loss, Diarrhoea or flushing on direct questioning. Examination revealed a Solid, non-tender mass above the right testes, involving the Cord. General physical and detailed Systemic examination was normal.

He underwent orchidectomy. Carcinoid tumour of Epididymis was diagnosed histologically. It was later determined as “primary” after extensive investigation directed towards search of gastrointestinal or extra-intestinal primary or carcinoid metastases were negative.

He remained symptom free after operation.

Carcinoid tumours occur predominantly in Gastro-intestinal tract. Extra-intestinal tumours are rare in clinical practice. Appendix and ileceacal region constitute for 85% of the tumours and 15% occur in Lung, Liver and Respiratory system. Carcinoid of the oesophagus and Meckel-cell constitute 1% of carcinoid presentation. Other more rare localizations of these tumours are the uterus, ovary, breast, testes, epididymis, anal region and the upper respiratory tract. Unfortunately most of the rare presentations of Carcinoid tumours are diagnosed histologically as in our case.

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