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Human adipose tissue derived DPP-IV regulates lipolysis through NPY in cultured abdominal subcutaneous adipocytes

Katarina Kos , Adam Baker , Alison Harte , Philip McTernan , Paul O’Hare & Sudhesh Kumar


University of Warwick, Coventry, United Kingdom.

We have previously shown that the orexigenic hormone NPY is secreted by human adipocytes. The orexigenic hormone NPY(1–36) is truncated by the dipeptidyl-inhibitor IV (DPP-IV) to NPY(3–36) as consequence its affinity changes from receptor Y1 to Y4 and 5. The aim was to investigate whether DPP-IV is expressed in adipose tissue (AT) where it could modulate adipose tissue growth through modulation of NPY activity. This is relevant in light of DPP-IV inhibitors utilised as therapeutic agents and their use for treatment in Type 2 diabetes. For this purpose ex vivo human abdominal AT was taken from women undergoing elective surgery (BMI: 27.5(mean±S.D.)±5 kg/m2, Age: 43.7±10 yrs, n=18). Isolated AbdSc adipocytes were treated with 1–100 nM rhNPY with and without DPP-IV inhibitors; a glycerol release assay was used as an index of lipolysis and DPP-IV mRNA expression assessed in AbdScAT. Treatment with NPY reduced glycerol release which was further blunted by co-incubation with DPP-IV inhibitors (baseline 234(mean±S.E.)±23 μmol/l, NPY100: 187±30μmol/l*; NPY100 with DPP-IV: 121±14 μmol/l**, *P<0.01, **P<0.01, n=8). Relative DPP-IV mRNA expression was reduced in AbScAT taken from obese subjects versus lean subjects (obese: 77±6 SU versus lean: 186±29 SU*, n=10).

In conclusion, paracrine effects of NPY may be modulated by AT-derived DPP-IV. Thus DPP-IV inhibitors may have little effect on tissue mass regulation in the obese where endogenous DPP-IV from AT is reduced, but may enhance fat accumulation in the lean through enhanced antilipolytic effects of NPY, which requires further study.

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