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9th European Congress of Endocrinology


Novel hormones

ea0014s25.1 | Novel hormones | ECE2007

Hormones help you live longer - the threat of Klotho

Kuro-o M

A defect in klotho gene expression in mice leads to a syndrome resembling aging, including a shortened life span, hypogonadism, growth arrest, hypoactivity, skin atrophy, muscle atrophy, hearing loss, premature thymic involution, cognition impairment, motor neuron degeneration, arteriosclerosis, osteopenia, soft tissue calcification, and pulmonary emphysema among others. In contrast, overexpression of the klotho gene extends life span in the mouse. Thus, the k...

ea0014s25.3 | Novel hormones | ECE2007

Correlation of desoxypyridinolin and c– terminal telopeptide of collagen type I within different patient collectives

Fassbender Walter , Goedde M , Brandenburg Vincent , Usadel Klaus-Henning , Stumpf Ulla

Bone metabolism can be measured indirectly with specific biochemical markers. Desoxypyridinolin (DPD) is a derivate of hydroxypyridinium, which is discharged by bone resorption and is totally excreted urinary. A further marker of collagen resorption is the c-terminal telopeptide of collagen type I, which is liberated to blood circulation within the bone’s degradation and undergoes renal elimination. The aim of our investigation was to look after a correlation of these par...

ea0014s25.4 | Novel hormones | ECE2007

Hormonal regulation of iron homeostasis by hepcidin

Vaulont Sophie

Hepcidin is a small circulating 25-amino-acid cysteine-rich peptide first identified in human blood and urine. The hepcidin gene is expressed mainly in the hepatocytes, secreted in the circulation and cleared by the kidney. In mammals, convincing evidence indicates that hepcidin constitutes the master regulator of iron homeostasis; the circulating peptide acts to limit gastrointestinal iron absorption and serum iron by inhibiting dietary intestinal iron absorption and iron rec...