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Endocrine Abstracts (2008) 16 P193

Use of three dose premixed aspart: clinical correlates

Sanjay Kalra, Bharti Kalra, Amit Sharma & Bhavika Chhabra

Bharti Hospital, Karnal, India.

Objective: Premixed aspart is being used in once, twice and thrice-daily regimes in persons with diabetes. This study was designed as a cross-sectional, observational study to assess the need for three-dose premixed aspart in different subsets of subjects with type 1 and type 2 diabetes attending an endocrine OPD.

Methods: Records of 200 consecutive patients receiving premixed insulin were assessed to determine the frequency of insulin dosage and its clinical correlates.

Results: Of the 200 records studied, 188 were of type 2 diabetes, 4 of gestational diabetes (GDM) and 8 of type 1 diabetes. Single-dose insulin was prescribed to 38 type 2 diabetes subjects; two-dose to 136 type 2, 2 GDM and 2 type 1 diabetes patients; and three-dose regime to 14 type 2, 2 GDM and 6 type 1 diabetes subjects.

Three dose regime was more commonly used, with respect to the average frequency (11%), in men (13/96: 13.5%) in persons with recently diagnosed diabetes (<1 month) (2/8: 25%), persons with weight >100 kg (9/9: 100%), with renal transplant (1/2: 50%), with foot infection (2/10: 20%), with urinary tract infection (2/11: 19%), and with type 1 diabetes (75%) or GDM (50%).

It was less often used in elderly subjects >60 years (0/48: 0%), in women (7/104: 6.7%), and in persons with associated hypothyroidism (0/22: 0%).

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