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Endocrine Abstracts (2008) 16 P233

Diabetes and cardiovascular diseases

Quality of diabetes shared care in patients with diabetes type 2 in the diabetes clinic of Fredericia hospital

Laima Sadauskiene, Ulla Linding Jørgensen, Jette Pedersen, Charlotte Chrois Møller, Ellen Grodum & Hans Jørgen Gjessing


Diabetes Clinic, Fredericia Hospital, DK-7000 Fredericia, Denmark.

Aim: To evaluate the quality of diabetes group-based education followed by shared care. The diabetes education programme had a duration of 4 days and included screening for diabetes late complications. Patients with microvascular complications should visit the diabetes clinic four times a year. Patients without microvascular complications should visit their general practitioner every third month and the diabetes clinic once a year.

Methods: Retrospective data on 100 newly referred patients with type 2 diabetes with quality standards shown in parenthesis.

Results: Eighty-six percent (80%) of the patients visited our diabetes clinic 2 years after the diabetes group-based education and 73% (80%) visited their general practitioner.

After 2 years, HbA1C and blood pressure were assessed in 100% of the patients (>95%), while urinary albumin was measured in 99% (>95%).

Optimal control with HbA1C<7% increased from 36 to 55% (>60%), and moderate good control with HbA1C<8% increased from 75 to 83% (>80%) 2 years after diabetes education.

Optimal control of blood pressure ≤130/80 mmHg was found in 35% (>60%) at the diabetes group-based education and in 40% 2 years after the diabetes group-based education. Blood pressure≤140/90 mmHg was found in 59% (80%) at the diabetes group-based education and in 62% (>80%) 2 years later.

Micro- and macroalbuminuria was shown in 9% at the diabetes group-based education and 8% 2 years later. Total cholesterol < 4.5 mmol/l in 31% (>80%) at the diabetes group-based education and in 57% (>80%) 2 years later.

Conclusions: The quality of the organization of diabetes care was good with high scores of appearance in the diabetes clinic and measurement of clinical variables. The quality of clinical results was good concerning glycaemic control while, quality goals for the management of blood pressure and cholesterol values were not accomplished.

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