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Endocrine Abstracts (2008) 16 P237

Diabetic ketoacidosis in two periods: XX--XXI centuries

Laura Fajar Rodríguez, M Concepción Páramo Fernández, Reyes Luna Cano, Anna Casteràs Román, Beatriz Mantiñán Gil, Javier De la Fuente & Ricardo Víctor García-Mayor

Hospital Xeral, Vigo, Spain.

Despite advances in the management of last years, diabetes and its complications are still the most frequent cause of admission in Endocrine Departments. Nowadays, in our Hospital, 60% of admissions are due to Diabetes, and more than a half of these are diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) (35.4%).

Objective: Analize DKA episodes in our medical area in the last 12 years and compare them divided in two periods.

Methods: Divide DKA episodes in two periods of 6 years: A: XX century (January 95–December 00) and B: XXI century (January 01–December 06) according to ADA diagnostic criteria. We retrospectively analyzed medical charts.

Results: A (XXc): 117 episodes (56 patients); Type 1 diabetes 95.7%; Mean age: 26.48±15.26 years; Gender: 59% men; Precipitating factors: infections 32.2%, inadequate insulin or diet 28%, drugs 5.1% corticoids 0.8%, unknown cause 33.1%, other 0.8%; DKA- new onset diabetes 12%; evolution of disease (months) : 102.03±81.08; pH: 7.11±0.11; HCO3: 9.79±4.4; Glycemia: 522.62±204.71; Intensive care unit assistance: 6.8%; Admission days: 9.88±6.9.

B (XXIc): 108 episodes (60 patients); Type 1 diabetes 92.6%; Mean age: 31.8±16.25 years; Gender: 61.1% men; precipitating factors: infections 27.1%, inadequate insulin or diet 30.8%, drugs 14%(P=0.02), corticoids 0.9%, unknown cause 22.4%, other 4.7%; DKA- new onset diabetes 6.5%; evolution of disease (months): 134.68±107.7; pH: 7.10±0.12; HCO3: 9.04±3.94; Glycemia: 569.51±225.54. Intensive care unit assistance: 12%; Admission days: 9.01±8.3.

Conclusions: We observe an increase in drug abuse as a precipitating factor for DKA in the last years, however we haven’t demonstrated other differences in clinic and biochemical DKA episodes profile.

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