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Insulin sensitivity calucated by HOMA, QUIQI and G/IR in patients with adrenal incidentaloma

Miomira Ivovic , Svetlana Vujovic , Milos Stojanovic , Milina Tancic-Gajic , Ljiljana Marina , Marija Barac & Milka Drezgic

Institute of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolic Diseases, Belgrade, Serbia.

Many studies have shown insulin resistance (IR) in majority of patients with adrenal incidentaloma. The euglycaemic hyperinsulinaemic glucose clamp technique is still considered as ‘golden standard’ for evaluation of insuline sensitivity. These methods are also complicated, labor-intensive procedure better for small research studies. Today, several surrogate indexes for insulin sensitivity were introduced such as: HOMA, QUIQI or G/IR. Some studies showed that QUIQI had significantly better linear correlation with reference glucose clamp method.

The aim of our study was to analyze insulin sensitivity and compared results and prevalence of insuline resistance by various methods.

About 208 patients (148 women and 60 men, mean age 55.08±11.02 years and mean BMI: 27.91±4.6 kg/m2) with adrenal incidentaloma were admitted to hospital. Insulin sensitivity was calculated by HOMA, QUIQI and G/IR method. Mean insulin sensitivity: HOMA 3.61±6.61; QUIQI 0.34±0.04 and G/IR 10.59±17.15. According to criteria insulin <12 mU/ml, glucose/insulin >6.4, HOMA <4.7, and QUICKI >0.333, insulin resistance was present in 56.84% of patients calculated by HOMA and QUIQI and 43.16% of patients calculated by G/IR method.

No statistically difference was found comparing these methods in insulin sensitivity (Mann Whitney Test: W=830; P=0.626), and in prevalence of IR (Person X2 test=0.772, df=1; P=0.782) among patients with adrenal incidentaloma.

Our study shows significant prevalence of IR in patients with adrenal incidentaloma. Prevalence of IR with G/IR was smaller than with HOMA and QUIQI methods but not statistically significant.

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