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Endocrine Abstracts (2008) 16 P605

The relationship between semen parameters and blood hormone in men with congenital absence of vas deferens

Wen Ren-Qian, Tang Li-Xin, Deng Shun-Mei, Jiang Yang-Jia, Wang Qi-Ling, Cheng Ai-Ping, Ma Chun-Jie, Jiang Fang & Miao Zhu-Lin

Family Planning Research Institute of Guangdong, Guangzhou, China.

Aim: To investigate the ralationship between semen parameters and serum follicale-stimulating hormone (FSH), luteinizing hormone (LH), testosterone (T), prolactin (PRL) in a group of Chinese men with congenital absence of vas deferens (CAVD).

Methods: Ninety patients with CAVD were investigated. During the physical examination the body hair distribution, testicular size, epididymides and vas deferens were carefully inspected and palpated. Semen analysis including liquefy, volume, pH were done. Blood hormone of FSH, LH, T and PRL from 47 cases was detected. The relationship between semen parameters and blood hormone was analyzed by SPSS programe.

Results: In all of 90 patients there were a normal body hair distribution. The testicular size was 16.17±4.07 ml. Seventy-six (76/90, 84.44%) cases with bilateral absence of vas deferens and 14 (14/90, 15.56%) cases with unilateral absence (3 for the left and 11 for the right) were found. There was a normal liquefy time (17.72±5.34 min), lower semen volume (0.71±0.38 ml) and lower pH (6.47±0.32). There was a normal FSH, LH, T and PRL level in most of patients except elevated FSH, LH, T, PRL in 2 (4.26%), 9 (19.15%), 2 (4.26%), 7 (14.89%) and lower T, PRL in 4 (8.51%), 5 (10.64%), respectively. There was a positive correlation between FSH and testicular volume (r=0.367), liquefying time (r=0.307), semen pH (r=0.291), LH and semen pH (r=0.312). A negative correlation between PRL and semen volume (r=−0.313) was found.

Conclusion: In the azoospermia men with lower semen volume, low semen pH and normal liquefying time the clinical diagnosis of CAVD should be suggested. It is importance for the FSH detected in the patients with CADV. To constitute the distinction between CADV and other obstructive azoospermia, for example, vasectomy, the results of semen volume and semen pH may be useful parameters.

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