Searchable abstracts of presentations at key conferences in endocrinology
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Society for Endocrinology BES 2009

The abstracts submitted were marked by the Abstract Marking Panel selected by the Programme Committee

Programme Committee

D Ray Chairman

S Ball Programme Co-ordinator


R Abayasekara

P Abraham

J Ahlquist

S Atkin

M Carson

P Clayton

H Critchley

W S Dhillo

R Fowkes

K Jonas

M Korbonits

K Meeran

P Selby

A Toogood

J Wass

Abstract Marking Panel

P Abraham, Aberdeen

J Alquist, Southend

F Ahmed, Glasgow

S Ball, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

K Boelaert, Birmingham

N Bridges, London

J Burrin, London

K Chapman, Edinburgh

S Chew, London

J Compston, Cambridge

M Cooper, Birmingham

M Dattani, London

E Davies, Glasgow

W S Dhillo, London

K Docherty, Aberdeen

R Eastell, Sheffield

M Eggo, Birmingham

W Farrell, Stoke-on-Trent

D Flint, Glasgow

APF Flint, Nottingham

J Franklyn, Birmingham

AB Grossman, London

J Ham, Cardiff

S Hunter, Belfast

A James, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

A Levy, Bristol

M Ludgate, Cardiff

N Martin, London

I Mason, Edinburgh

A McNeily, Edinburgh

J Miell, London

J Monson, London

J Morris, Oxford

K Murphy, London

E Murphy, London

R Murray, Leeds

J Newell-Price, Sheffield

S Orme, Leeds

S Pearce, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

J Pell, Cambridge

M Reed, London

E Scott, Leeds

K Smith, London

P Squires, Warwick

C Stewart, Cheshire

E Thompson, London

J Turner, London

B Vaidhya, Plymouth

M Vanderpump, London

B Walker, Edinburgh

M Westwood, Manchester

G Williams, London