Endocrine Abstracts (2009) 20 P403

Use of metformin in pregnancy: a survey of Turkish physicians' attitudes

Baris Akinci, Pinar Tosun, Emine Bekci, Serkan Yener, Tevfik Demir & Sena Yesil

Dokuz Eylul University, Izmir, Turkey.

Although metformin crosses placenta, there is no current evidence whether the use of metformin in pregnancy is associated with increased risk of fetal and maternal complications. The aim of this present study is to investigate the attitudes of Turkish physicians in different specialties in terms of metformin use in pregnancy.

Current opinions were assessed by interviewing physicians using a questionnaire. Nine hundred forty physicians were invited to join the study; however completely fulfilled questionnaires could be obtained from a total of 407 physicians (170 family physicians, 110 internists, 98 obstetricians, 29 endocrinologists).

One hundred fifty-one physicians (37.1%) stated that they recommended metformin use in pregnancy for any of the indications (pregnant women with PCOS, type-2 diabetes or gestational diabetes). Among physicians, obstetricians were more likely to suggest metformin use in pregnancy. Rationales of physicians for the metformin use were lower risk for abortus, decreased prevalence of maternal and neonatal complications, improvement of insulin resistance, prevention of excess weight gain, better glycemic control in diabetics and decreased insulin need in diabetics taking insulin.

Despite limited data on metformin use in pregnancy, significant number of physicians in Turkey supported metformin use. Obstetricians were more likely to recommend metformin treatment in pregnancy.

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